Congress Rule is Worst than British Rule – MP Nalin During Hunger Strike

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Congress Rule is Worst than British Rule – MP Nalin During Hunger Strike

Mangaluru: The BJP staged a day-long hunger strike at the Gandhi Park in front of Town Hall here on April 12.

Prior to the hunger strike, MP Nalin Kumar Kateel garlanded the statue of Mahatma Gandhi at the park.

Addressing the protesters Monappa Bhandary said, “During the last elections people were fed up with the Congress rule and voted for the BJP. People have liked Narendra Modi’s governance and want Modi to continue as the Prime Minister. Now the Congress is aware that they cannot make money since they have lost the opportunity to make money they have started to talk negatively about Modi. The country is slowly and steadily progressing towards development and the Congress cannot digest it, so they are busy in criticizing the BJP.”

Monappa Bhandary further said, “In February Arun Jaitley presented the Budget for the year 2018-19. If there were errors, the opposition should have then pointed them instead they are not finding fault and criticizing the Government. The Supreme Court has ordered to thoroughly investigate the SC/ST cases before making any arrests since sometimes false cases are being filed to defame the public or government servants. Any such complaints should be heard by calling both the parties by the DCP level officers and provide justice. Here too the Congress leaders are misguiding the SC/STs. In the Parliament the Congress MPs not allowing the house to function. Congress is dividing the people and not allowing the BJP to function in the centre. The Congress party is indulging in negative and divisive politics from Nehru to Rahul. For a jaundice patient, everything looks yellow likewise for the Congress everything looks wrong. Whatever Modi is doing, the Congress has been opposing. Kharge is behaving like a Crow in the Parliament. In the DC office for every work, they are charging in thousands. CM is busy collecting money for the election campaign through the government officials by charging for every work. Another district minister in-charge is sitting in Mangaluru and talking about Modi”.

Addressing the protesters MP Nalin Kumar Kateel said, “After Independence, the Congress party had ruled the country for a long time and their rule was worst than the British Rule. The Congress wants to remain in power so they have started politics on democracy which started from the time of Indira Gandhi by declaring an emergency in the country. When the BJP came to power the Congress started to disrupt the Parliament from functioning. Gandhiji had dreamt for Swaraj, Development and a Congress-free government, which Modi has realized.”

Nalin Kumar further said, “For the last 23 days the Parliament was not allowed to function by the Congress MPs. We the ruling party MPs decided to go on a day-long fast against the opposition party’s conduct in the Parliament. When the UPA government was in power I was the MP but we did not disrupt the parliament from functioning. In fact, we highlighted all the scams and brought it in front of the people. Today we are holding a fast to show how the Congress is playing cheap politics. People will curse the Congress for not allowing the Parliament to function.”

Senior BJP leaders Yogish Bhat, Capt Ganesh Karnik, Vedavyas Kamath, Satyajith Suratkal, Dr Bharat, Capt Brijesh Chowta and others were also present.

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  1. What is your Age NALINJI? Have you witnessed the British Rule? OR are you a gossipmonger.
    I am a senior citizen and I have not seen anything; but for sure I have now seen how ruthless, arrogant and corrupt your leaders and party are.

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