Congress Workers offer Puja to Mark 3rd Anniversary

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Congress Workers offer Puja to Mark 3rd Anniversary of Government

Udupi: Party workers of the Indian National Congress held a puja at the Mahalingeshwara Temple Parkala here on Friday, May 13, to mark the completion of three years of the Siddaramaiah Government.

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Under the leadership of Ganesh Raj Saralebettu and Gopalkrishna Achar, prayers were offered by braking 105 coconuts in the temple and praying for Siddaramaiah’s good health.

Speaking on the occasion, Gopalkrishna Achar said that in the last three years, chief minister Siddaramaiah’s government has developed the state by implementing various development projects. Within an hour of taking oath, the chief minister had announced the Anna Bhagya scheme for BPL families across the state. The government is distributing milk under Ksheera Bhagya scheme to school children across the state.

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The government is also giving a subsidy of Rs 4 per liter to milk producers through state cooperative societies, has focused on increasing the state’s power generation capacity, drinking water supply in drought-hit villages, irrigation projects, and building or completing roads in rural areas. The state government has done its best to implement many promises made in the election manifesto, he added.

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