Conversations invaded by ‘conversationalist’ mobiles: Big B

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Mumbai, March 4 (IANS) Megastar Amitabh Bachchan finds it challenging for elders to match the speed with which the youngsters express themselves, as well as wonders how mobile phones nowadays have replaced conversations.

“The speed with which this generation expresses itself, speaks itself and thinks itself, is in itself a speeded wonder. For one that has desire to keep in the same league as them, I find it extremely difficult to reconcile to its presence and more in its acceptance,” the 72-year-old posted on his blog

“For the elders this has become a challenge. Even before they have begun to describe or explain their point of view or express themselves on a subject or common topic, the 18-25, well that is being a little generous — it really ought to be 12-18, has already grasped what they need to and has set off, leaving the elder in dismay,” he added.

Big B, who is also an active blogger and user of different social networks, is also amazed with the fact that how young groups nowdays are concentrating more on their smartphones than talking in person.

“Conversation and its validity in the times of the old, has now been invaded by the other conversationalist — the mobile. The young shall group at corner stores, at clubs and other gathered locations, but their prime activity is concentrated on their ‘smart phone’,” he said.

He shares that how when one walks into a room full of lesser aged people and there is complete silence.

“They look not at each other…there is no conversation, no nothing. It’s all head bent in concentration on that rectangular object of desire. They are listening, but more to what evolves from the instrument, than from the mouths of the others.

“Pavements, street crossings, park walks, store shopping, cinema viewing and a million other chores that this generation involves itself in, has one commonality — an ear blocked with the phone or blocked from the outside world with those white ear phones, for their listening pleasure,” said Big B.

Though the megastar has no complaints with these inventions and technology, he says that he loves his soul too and happy with the fact that it has no technological subsitute.

“I love fresh inventions! I love the way technology has taken over most of our informations. I love the idea of possessing in the palm of the hand all that is ever required to lead a life! I love my soul too! That has not had a technological substitute…,” he said.

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