Couple on the Move! Jawa Bike Ride from Manjeshwar -Leh, Leh to Kanyakumari

Couple on the Move! Jawa Bike Ride from Manjeshwar -Leh, Leh to Kanyakumari

The love to travel is what calls many to hit the road and explore – places, culture, food, experience. Thousands of people travel around the globe. Few, however, are ready to take it a step higher and better – by actually getting out on the road and exploring it all – kilometer by kilometer, city by city!

Dakshina Kannada District has its own share of intrepid travellers – many who have either travelled in groups or even solo.

31-year-old Nayan Kumar, from Manjeshwar, has always had this dream of travelling throughout India on a 2-wheeler. And on Friday – the 26th July 2019, his passion is realised as he set off from the Jawa showroom at Mangalore, just as dawn was breaking. In the pouring rain, on his brand new 300 OHC Jawa 42, the first of the new-age Jawa motorcycles to undertake such a long journey, where the motorcycle would be tested to the core on the treacherous terrain after Jammu. And along with him, the best companion, one could ask for – his better half, Mrs. Yamini Acharya. This inseparable couple have always been together on numerous rides and this – the ride of a lifetime, was something they both had dreamt for long.

Their target for today is Satara, 666 km away. Their route follows almost all the North, Central and Southern states of India via Maharastra, Gujarat, Delhi, Jammu & Kashmir and then back down all the way towards Kanyakumari. If all goes well, they will be in Leh by the 2nd August.

Nayan hopes to complete the entire journey within a month’s time.

A technician by profession, who runs a Mobile Cellular service centre in Car Street, he, together with his wife have been saving up for this trip for a long time.

All of Nayan & Yamini’s families and friends and the various motorcycles clubs of Mangalore under the United Bikers of Mangalore – the Jawa Tribe, Mangalore Bulls, Mangalore Jawa & Yezdi Motorcycle Club, among others, wish them a safe and an exciting journey!!

By Shawn C. Fernandez

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  1. Great means enjoying on new jawa extremely fabulous.means traveling the world .. n enjoy.

  2. Happy for you dears… Have an awesome trip which you can cherish for your lifetime… Have a happy, safe and funfilled trip๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Supravat,
    Wishing both of you a safe and incredible monsoon journey. Hope we can meet within the journey if designed to passing through kolkata or nearby please share information before you will entering West Bengal. Wish, Iswar blessing always to both of you, see you soon…… EE.SaikatBarua

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