Court Restrains Husband facing domestic violence and abuse from Fleeing Abroad

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Court Restrains Husband facing domestic violence and abuse from Fleeing Abroad

Udupi: The Karkala Principal and JMFC Court have ordered the Passport office to restrain Sameer from Thirthahalli of Shivamogga District preventing him fleeing abroad after he refused to maintain his wife and child having subjected them to domestic violence and abuse. The Court had ordered the accused to appear before the court on 21-04-2018, and when he failed to do so, he was ordered to produce his passport before the Hon’ble Court. Since there is every possibility of the accused Sameer escaping from the country it is prayed before the Deputy Commissioner to order the passport authorities.

Briefing the reporters at the HRPF office on April 24 Dr Ravindranath Shanbhag, President Human Rights Protection Foundation, Udupi said, “Ayesha Naaz (name changed) in spite of being from an orthodox Muslim family in Udupi District, completed her graduation with the support of her parents. In 2011, she got married to Sameer, son of Abdul Samad of Thirthahalli, with the mutual understanding of both their families. Her father gave his daughter away proud that his son-in-law was a B.Sc. graduate with a respectable high earning job in Dubai. He had to take a loan of Rs 12 lakh expenses for the marriage”.

The First Blow

It took a couple of months’ time to obtain a Visa for Ayesha so that she could join her husband in Dubai, during which period she stayed with her in-laws. Meanwhile, her in-laws began nagging her and verbally abusing her and her family.

Ayesha tolerated everything with the only hope that she would soon join her husband. In the meantime, she had discovered that her husband was not a B.Sc. graduate but a mere P.U.C, but she did not feel it appropriate to bring it up.

Peculiar behaviour of the husband

Shortly, as a great relief, Ayesha joined her husband finding freedom from the terrible experience with her in-laws. But to her dismay, she found herself facing a new life of misery with her husband. She was now facing a peculiar behaviour from her husband. He always kept to himself and never spoke to her. As soon as he returned home from work he had the habit of watching pornographic movies. Hailing from an orthodox family Ayesha could not stand the same. She begged him to stop. He, in turn, insisted that she should watch it along with him. When she objected to all this, he began to beat her. She was too scared to share these things with her family and kept them in the dark.

Undernourished pregnant woman

Soon she got pregnant. Her husband continued to ill-treat her. In spite of all this, she hoped he would change. He never gave her food to eat. Unable to bear it anymore, she called her father asking him to send her some food. When he got to know this he lost his temper and threw a tantrum. When her father sent her food, her husband threw it all away.

The unwanted girl child

He made it known to her from the beginning that if she were to bear a girl child he and his family would not accept it. In four months’ time due to lack of nutrition and proper care, coupled with abuses from her husband, she fell ill. Then on the insistence of the doctor, she was sent back to India for proper rest and care and she went to her parents’ house after which she was admitted to a nursing home. By then her husband and in-laws had determined the sex of the baby and neglected her because it was a girl.

The baby was delivered in February 2013. Neither her husband nor her in-laws enquired after her or her baby. But feeling bound by duty she returned to Dubai with her four-month-old child. She hoped that her husband’s temper would reduce after having the baby, that she would have peace in her family, but she was wrong. He fought and yelled at her for every silly reason. He pulled her by her hair and hit her. He once even threw the baby.

He is a man, he can do what he wants!

She hoped and prayed that he would change one day. When she tried to approach her in-laws regarding this matter, they retorted saying, “He is a man he can do anything he wants. If you want your husband and family, learn to live with it.” In a conciliation meeting, she had heard her father-in-law egging him on saying “Prove them your manhood”.

Initially, when she shared with her family about her husband’s atrocities, no one paid any heed. Later on, when they were convinced about his violent nature, they called her back home.

Ayesha returns home

In March 2017, Ayesha returned to her parents’ home. On 25-03-2017, with the help of the Women and Child Department, she called for her in-laws and requested them to help her save her family. But neither her husband nor her in-laws appeared for the conciliation. By then her health had deteriorated and even her child had fallen sick and had to be admitted to the hospital.

Complaint to HRPF

On hearing the recent story of Amitha of Airody village getting justice, Ayesha approached the Human Rights Protection Foundation, Udupi.

When Ayesha prayed before the Court, “At least help me get maintenance for me and my child”, the JMFC Court of Karkala summoned the accused Sameer several times, and he failed to appear. Therefore the Court passed an ex parte order, ordering him to pay Rs 5000/- per month.

Now on the directions of the Deputy Commissioner, the Women and Child Welfare Officer has filed a case of Domestic violence against Sameer. The Court has ordered him not to leave the country during the pendency of the case. The Foundation has offered complete support to Ayesha, said Dr Ravindranath.

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