COVID-19: Help the Poor and Suffering in Your Parishes – Bishop Dr Peter Paul

COVID-19: Help the Poor and Suffering in Your Parishes – Bishop Dr Peter Paul

Mangaluru: “We as Christians are called to respond to the pandemic of coronavirus with the universality of prayer, compassion and tenderness. We need to stay safe but at the same time, keep spreading kindness through the spiritual and corporal acts of mercy.  It is said, “God can write straight on a crooked line.” Every act of calamity and disaster becomes an opportunity to bring out the best in as – our humanity. Through this humanity, we express our spirituality. As a diocese, we need to extend our solidarity with our brothers and sisters who are severely affected by the pandemic COVID-19 because of their poverty, old age, sickness, loneliness and various other factors”, said Bishop of Mangaluru Diocese Dr Peter Paul Saldanha.

COVID-19 Help the Poor and Suffering in Your Parishes – Bishop Dr Peter Paul

COVID-19 Help the Poor and Suffering in Your Parishes – Bishop Dr Peter Paul இடுகையிட்ட தேதி: புதன், 25 மார்ச், 2020

In his press release, Bishop Dr Peter Paul Saldanha said, “Parishes are a part of the diocese, which is the local church. Through the parishes, we would be able to reach out to others mom effectively and efficiently in planning and carrying out various initiatives to help the needy beyond all boundaries. Some parishes have already taken up initiatives of service to the poor and the homebound. Members of the Parish Pastoral Councils and Parish Associations have been bringing groceries and essential commodities to the shut-ins, the poor and those who cannot travel. It is my earnest prayer that we spread kindness and love in a productive viral may while combating against the destructive spread of COVID-19.”

Bishop Dr Peter Paul further said, “I direct every Parish Priest to plan and coordinate assistance programmes and initiatives in their parishes. This should be done in collaboration with the parish councils, associations, and people of goodwill. Individuals and teams of like-minded people should reach out to see who require what kind of essential services and find out ways and means to satisfy those needs. Taking into account the safety precautions, volunteers, associations, and the parish council members can supply the basic needs of the poor and the needy. There will not be a needy person in the community (cf. Acts 4:34). We will show we are Christians by our love”.

Bishop Dr Peter Paul also said, “Parishes may start support groups through social media. Look for the helpers in this worry-filled time — they’re out there. Have a Parish Assistance Team. Reach out to the neighbours; communicate regularly with any needy and at-risk family, friends, and neighbours to ensure they have groceries, medicines, and essential chores done. Handling the vast majority of needs at the local level is the most efficient response. Kindly keep us informed about the assistance programmes you are carrying out to spread kindness and love during these difficult times of COVID-19”.

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