Covid-19 Lockdown Effect – 6 Commit Suicide after Alcohol Ban in Udupi

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Covid-19 Lockdown Effect – 6 Commit Suicide after Alcohol Ban in Udupi

Udupi: Due to the implementation of lockdown across the country, Udupi District is now facing a new problem. The ban on alcohol in the district seems to be killing more people than the virus itself. So far 6 persons have committed suicide because of the unavailability of alcohol. The district administration is now thinking of ways to tackle this problem.

In the past week, six people committed suicide after falling into depression when they were not able to buy alcohol in the district.

The deceased have been identified as Nagesh Acharya (37) Thellaru Karkala, Shashidhar Suvarna (46) Padu Kaup, Raghavendra (37) Hemmady Kundapur, Aravind (37) Varanga Karkala, Walter D’Souza (57) Bellampalli Kukkikatte and Ganesh (42) Udyavar.

All the 6 deceased were desperate and depressed when they were unable to get liquor for the last one week and all their attempts to get liquor had failed. Upset at not being able to drink, they took the extreme step.

DC G Jagadeesha said, “After continuous suicides out of depression over not being able to buy alcohol the district administration decided to hold counseling sessions to such people. The district administration appointed a team of doctors for counseling. Anyone who needs counseling can call 1077 tollfree number”.

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  1. The case where the cure is lethal than the disease itself.

    Will write my usual contra post over the weekend.

  2. I am a borderline alcoholic and in extreme cases I have resorted to drinking sanitizer. It’s better than nothing. There are lots of ways to prepare it on YouTube. Better to use this than commit suicide. But I’ve noticed that most people are brand conscious and prefer death than not having their RC, MC or stag.

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