Cow Killed in Crude Bomb Blast at Vittal, 4 held

Cow Killed in Crude Bomb Blast at Vittal, 4 held

Mangaluru: The Vittal police have arrested four persons in connection with the killing of a cow in crude bomb blast, at Padekallu, Chillangaru here on October 24.


The arrested have been identified as Sheenappa Naik (48) from Palallakaje, Irde Puttur, Vinod (30) Gandi Darbe Puttur, Vijay John (30) Dhoomadka Puttur and Govinda Naik (64), Chillangaru Padekallu Karoppati.


According to the police, on October 18, Radhakrishna had left his cow to graze in the field. While grazing it munched on the trigger of the crude bomb, the bomb exploded killing the cow on the spot. The Vittal police have registered in this regard and are investigating.

Getting reliable information, the Vittal police arrested four persons who had placed the crude bomb in the field. During the investigation, it was revealed that they had placed the crude bomb to hunt pigs and wild animals.

Govinda Naik was arrested for giving shelter to the accused after the crime. All the four have been produced before the court. Under the able guidance of SP Bhushan Borase, the operation was carried out by Circle police inspector Manjayya, ASI Koragappa Naik, Anand Poojary, Balakrishna, Jayakumar, Praveen Rai and Paranesh.