CP Sandeep Patil Rewards ASI for Helping Woman to Get Medicine at 1 am

CP Sandeep Patil Rewards ASI for Helping Woman to Get Medicine at 1 am

Mangaluru: Nowadays it is not safe for a woman to walk alone on the road especially during the night. We hear of various crimes against women but after reading this news we can rely on the police and feel safe.

On July 8, at 1 am a woman was waiting for an auto at ShivabaghKadri to get medicine to her aged father. The ASI from Kadri police station Santhosh who was on night patrol noticed her and helped to get the medicine as well as dropped her home safely.

The woman wrote an appreciation letter to the police commissioner Sandeep Patil saying “I would like to extend my heartfelt appreciation and gratitude to the police of Mangaluru. I needed emergency medicine for my aged father late at night. Santhosh on night patrol, noticed me waiting for help. Picked me up got me medicines and dropped me back safely to my house. I salute these honourable men. Thank you”.

Police commissioner Sandeep Patil did not waste time, as soon as he got the message from the woman, he called ASI Santhosh to his chamber and rewarded him.

When someone does good work we need to reward them so that it will be an inspiration for others to help people in distress. A big salute to ASI Santhosh for his timely help to the citizen of Mangaluru and also a big salute to the police commissioner who is very particular in rewarding his team when they do good and tough on the offenders. mangalorean.com Salutes the Mangaluru police and hopes the good work continues to make Mangaluru a better place to live in.