Customs Seize Contraband Valued Over Rs 93 Lakh at MIA

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Mangaluru: During the month of April, Customs officers at the Mangalore International Airport seized smuggled gold, cigarettes and foreign currency all valued over Rs 93 lakh.

The officers seized contraband gold above 2.2 kg being ingeniously concealed and attempted to be smuggled. In the first case, gold concealed in the motor portion of a mixer grinder was recovered.

While in the second case two cylindrical shape gold rods concealed in the battery portion of mobile power banks were recovered. The value of the gold seized in these two cases is estimated to be over Rs 68 lakh. One person was also arrested.

On getting information that there is a surge in smuggling of foreign currency by passengers departing to Abu Dhabi and Dubai, the officers kept a special watch on movements of certain profiled passengers. This resulted in six seizures of foreign currency attempted to be smuggled out of India equivalent to Indian Rupees 22.88 lakh.

Further five cases of smuggling of cigarettes of various foreign brand valued over Rs 2.44 lakh was detected and the contraband seized.

Further investigations are under progress.

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  1. I really like the way this report describes each case with details on exact weight, shape of gold rod, market value of these items in INR and number of people arrested. Great job of reporting!! Since report doesn’t give any names, It’s safe to assume that some Seethaaraama Kedilaaya or Sheshappa Poojaari were behind these cases. Who else does it, right? Again, great report!

  2. Seeeeeeeeethaaaaraaaama kedilaaaayaaa or Sheshaaaapaaaa poooojaaarubandi were behind these cases – Murudu Rampe

    EXCELLENT deduction, Mr. Watson RampaNNA. 🙂

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