‘Cyanide Mohan’ Sentenced to Life Imprisonment Without Remission

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‘Cyanide Mohan’ Sentenced to Life Imprisonment Without Remission in 8th and 9th Cases

Mangaluru: “The 6th Additional District and Session Court convicted Mohan Kumar alias Cyanide Mohan with multiple sentences including a life term till death without remission in the 8th and 9th case on March 27. Judge, D T Puttarangaswamy found him guilty of a murder of a woman from Kedila. Cyanide Mohan had abducted the woman from Kedila Gram Panchayat Bantwal to Madikeri on 23 January 2009. After raping her he had killed her by giving cyanide saying that it was a tablet to prevent pregnancy. The woman consumed Cyanide thinking that it was a tablet to prevent pregnancy in a bus stand toilet. The cleaners saw her lying in the ladies toilet and took her to the hospital where the doctor declared her brought dead. Today, March 27, the sentence was pronounced under sections IPC 302 for murder (life imprisonment without remission), 366 for abduction with 6 years rigorous imprisonment, 376 for rape, 417 for cheating, 328 for poisoning, 302 for murder, 201 for destroying pieces of evidence and 392 for robbery (5 years rigorous imprisonment). Mohan has also been awarded six years rigorous imprisonment and Rs 3000 fine for abduction, seven years rigorous imprisonment and Rs 3000 fine for rape, six months simple imprisonment for cheating”, informed the office Public Prosecutor, Judith Crasta on March 27.

Addressing the mediapersons Judith Crasta said, “In the 9th case Mohan had abducted the woman from Sullia who was a native of Peraje village Madikeri Taluk. He took her from Sullia bus stand on 10 March 2009 to Mysuru. He stayed in a lodge in Mysuru and on the same night took her to the Mysuru bus stand and killed her by giving her cyanide saying that it was a pregnancy preventive pill. She consumed the tablet and died in the ladies toilet. The toilet cleaner who noticed the woman took her to the government hospital where she was declared brought dead. The local police tried to find her family members but they could not find them. So after the post-mortem, they buried her in the Mysuru public graveyard. When Mohan was arrested in the Bantwal rural police station case, he revealed that he had taken the Peraje woman to Mysuru and killed her. He was awarded the same sentences in this case too”.

Judith further said, “Cyanide Mohan is a serial killer and has killed 20 women and the modus operandi was the same in all the cases. He was telling the women that he would marry them and was befriending them. He was later taking them to other districts and raping them before giving them the cyanide pills as pregnancy preventive tablets. Mohan has earlier been convicted in 7 cases. In the 8th and 9th cases, 44 witnesses were called for examination along with 70 documents and 37 material pieces of evidence screened during the trial. Cyanide Mohan was sentenced on 26 March 2019 and the announcement of the conviction was made on March 27 through video conference as he has been lodged is in Belgaum jail”.

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