‘Dangal’ keeps Aamir away from working with Jackie Chan

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Mumbai, May 21 (IANS) Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan has shot down reports that he will star opposite Chinese kung fu star Jackie Chan in upcoming Indo-Chinese action comedy film “Kung Fu Yoga”. The actor says he would love to be part of the project but his commitment towards “Dangal” has left him no time for another project.

“’Kung Fu Yoga’ is a film that Jackie has been planning with director Stanley Tong, who has made a number of Jackie’s films. The film is not possible for me to do because they are shooting it this year,” Aamir said in an interview here.

“I would have liked to do it, but they are shooting it in September and October. During that time I’ll be working on ‘Dangal’. My shooting is from September to December.

“After December, I’ll be waiting for five months. Then in June, I’ll be completing ‘Dangal’ shooting. I can only start my next film in August or September next year. So, I can’t let them wait for so long as they are ready to start,” the 50-year-old added.

“Kung Fu Yoga” is part of the three-film agreement signed between the two countries during Chinese President Xi Jinping’s visit to India last year. Looking at the growing popularity of Bollywood films in China, the agreement is meant to help both the countries.

Asked whether he will co-produce the project, Aamir said: “I can co-produce it, but I’ve not thought about that. I won’t be able to do that much work as my mind will divert from ‘Dangal’. Right now I’m focusing on ‘Dangal’. I’m learning wrestling daily. Right now, I’ve just started, but I will become a wrestler.”

Talking about his love for Jackie Chan, Aamir, who went to China for the premiere of “PK” earlier this month, said: “Jackie is a lovely guy. I met him at the event where films were being launched and then he invited me for dinner that night.

“So, I spent the evening with him. I’ve been a big fan of him since ‘Police Story 2’. When I saw ‘Police Story 2’, I didn’t know who is the actor. But after watching the film, I liked it so much that I watched it again. Since then, I have been liking Jackie. Not only is he an action hero, but also his comic timing as a performer is really amazing.

Directed by Rajkumar Hirani, “PK” will release on Friday in China.

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