Danish Diaries – Gardens of Everything

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Danish Diaries – Gardens of Everything

When you think of Denmark, you think of cold seas, probably snow and sparse vegetation. Yes, there is the seasons and the climate to take into consideration in terms of greenery.Despite this setback, the city of Aarhus takes great pride in gardens and parks. When the sun is out, the blossoms are blooming, the birds are flying and it is a beautiful sight to behold.

A beautiful bloom

Aarhus Botanical Gardens is a botanical garden in Aarhus, Denmark. It is located north of the Old Town (Den GamleBy pronounced Den Gamble Bu) outdoor village museum and was founded in 1875. Botanical Garden is one of Aarhus’ largest parks. The garden contains a wealth of opportunities for experiences – for all the senses, different interests and needs. The garden is laid out in a very hilly terrain with many small, intimate, green spaces and large open lawns. A stream runs through the entire garden from northwest to southeast through three lakes and on through the Old City and its channels.

A walk way in the garden

A view of the Old Town from the garden

A trip this beautiful garden means you can relax, study, play and have a good time.The structure of the park includes something for everyone. People of all ages and walks of life come in here for different experiences. Even though the park was created primarily as an academic ground for Aarhus University, it slowly opened up to the public and has made its way into the people’s hearts. Making a trip to this garden means it is equal parts recreational and educational. Just walking around, you can see the names and details of each plant and tree. All are labelled in both Latin and Danish. The landscape is quite varied and includes a large greenhouse centre; originally from 1970 by C. F. Moller Architects, but with a newly added tropical hothouse. The gardens have an open-air amphitheatre, two small ponds, a children’s playground and the large lawns are popular with picnics, gatherings and events of all kinds year round. The greenhouses have been heavily renovated from 2011 to late 2014, and a large tropical dome was added, amongst other facilities.

Entrance to the Greenhouses

The botanical garden’s greenhouses are an experience worth the time and effort. In addition to being a greenhouse, it is also a research centre dedicated to explaining the environment. Every summer there are tours which gives you an experience of the world of flora right inside the greenhouse! Along with the tour of the plants by scientists, they include tasting from global kitchens. Understanding why the food in the tropics is so strong, and why in the countries surrounding the Mediterranean sea eat olives and why goat meat seasoned with thyme and rosemary is a part of that whole experience. The experience includes four different climate zones with beautiful flowers and plants. The exhibition gives an insight into nature as man’s livelihood – food and experiences that people enjoy daily. If you want wonders, just step on the first floor which provides an amazing opportunity to see an oversized oak leaf! Just one of the many wonders. The Alpine Beds and Danish Plant Community are interesting areas to visit. The Rose Bed, Theme Gardens and the Collection of Grasses and Perennials are other interesting places in the garden. The areas are tended by volunteers, the Friends of the Botanical Garden.

Stone paved part of the Garden

If you want to have a picnic with your family or have a chilled-out Sunday afternoon, the park is your go to. Spaces for biking, barbecue, walking your pets, playing with children or spending a day kindling the green fingered scientist within you are all right there in the Aarhus botanical garden. It reminds me of the Lalbagh gardens in Bangalore in a much more bigger way. My next excuse to go to the garden is a treat after the exam, so what is yours to go to your nearest park? Vi ses naeste gang!

About the Author:

Athmika Ramachandra is currently continuing her post-graduation studies at Aarhus University, Denmark under student exchange programme of Manipal University Media and Communication Department. Athmika is Gold Medallist in BA from Mangalore University, enjoys photography, listening to music, reading novels and trying out new food. A bitten travel bug Athmika cherishes writing and poetry and she is the granddaughter of Late Padyana Gopalakishna (Pa.Go), Veteran Journalist & Kannada Columnist of yesteryears from Mangalore.

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