‘Darling…’ shows dark side of every human being: Gaurav Pandey

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Mumbai, Sep 10 (IANS) Actor Gaurav Pandey, who will be seen in the upcoming psychological thriller “Darling Don’t Cheat”, says that the film portrays the vulnerable dark side in every human being.

“The film tells about revealing the dark side of every human being. Everyone has a certain hidden aspect in them which comes out in pressure situations. This could be a mean or selfish behaviour,” Pandey spoke about the film at the trailer launch here.

“Our basic point is that the result of a bad action is always bad. So if one is going towards any kind of negative orientation, there is fear of losing one’s qualities,” he added.

Directed by Rajkumar Hindusthani, the film traces the story of a group of youngsters who are out on a fun trip, but this fun slowly turns into a nightmare for the girls.

A couple is facing stress in their relationship and on the other hand, a knife-wielding man traumatises the girls by confining them and making life miserable for them.

Speaking about his character, Pandey said: “My character in the film comes back to take revenge. The characters, their mindsets go through a process due to which all are stripped to the extent that they’ve revealed their evil side, a stripping of their souls takes place.”

Lead actress Neha Chaterji added:”This is an extremely bold film. All the characters in the film are open minded. They pretend to be something but in reality they are something entirely different.”

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