Darshan’s wife writes to Bengaluru Police Commissioner: Pavithra Gowda not superstar’s spouse

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Darshan’s wife writes to Bengaluru Police Commissioner: Pavithra Gowda not superstar’s spouse

Bengaluru: Vijayalakshmi, the wife of jailed superstar Darshan, has written a letter to Bengaluru Police Commissioner B. Dayananda, clarifying that she is the only legally wedded wife of the actor and that Pavithra Gowda, the prime accused in the fan murder case, is just a friend, police sources confirmed on Thursday.

In her letter to Police Commissioner Dayananda, Vijayalakshmi stated, “You made a wrong statement during a press conference, saying Pavithra Gowda is Darshan’s wife. This error was repeated by the Karnataka Home Minister and national media, reporting that the Darshan couple was arrested in the Renukaswamy murder case.”

Vijayalakshmi requested the police commissioner not to mention Pavithra Gowda as Darshan’s wife in police records, as it may cause trouble for her and her son Vineesh in the future. She emphasized that Pavithra Gowda was married to Sanjay Singh and had a daughter with him, and these facts should be recorded accurately in police records.

“I have full faith in the judiciary and believe the law will take its course. While it is true that Pavithra Gowda is a friend of my husband, she is not his wife. I am the only legally wedded wife of Darshan, and our marriage took place at Dharmasthala (Hindu pilgrimage center) on May 19, 2003,” Vijayalakshmi said.

Darshan, his ‘partner’ Pavithra Gowda, and 15 others were arrested on charges of murdering Renukaswamy (33), a resident of Chitradurga.

The probe revealed that Renukaswamy, a big fan of Darshan, had sent derogatory messages to Pavithra Gowda on social media. The victim was allegedly kidnapped, brought to Bengaluru, kept in a shed, and tortured to death.

Darshan is presently in Bengaluru prison and his judicial custody ends on Thursday (July 4).

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