Dazzling Cultural Show to Mark ‘Mount Carmel Feast’ was Truly a ‘Feast’ For the Eyes!

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Dazzling Cultural Show to Mark ‘Mount Carmel Feast’ was Truly a ‘Feast’ For the Eyes!

Mangaluru: While giving thanks to the Lord, Apostolic Carmel Congregation celebrating their Sesquicentennial Jubilee {150 years}, and Mount Carmel Central school, Mary Hill, Mangaluru run by the Apostolic Carmel nuns, along with the teachers, staff and students celebrated the “Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel” with scintillating and dazzling cultural showbiz, which was a “Feast” for the eyes! As part of the Feast, a Eucharistic Mass was celebrated yesterday, 13 July by Fr Prakash D’Cunha at the Mother Veronica Auditorium. And today, 14 July also as part of the Feast, a cultural show was put up by the students of lower class and high school students. The cultural extravaganza kept the students glued to their seats and savour the sights that unfolded on stage.

As they say that “Celebrations are moments that strengthen our own visions, unite our spirits and magnify our joys”- therefore, France will have two celebrations this weekend- One in the field of sports, where they have entered the Finals in FIFA World Cup 2018; and the other, of course most important to the Apostolic Carmel Congregation and the institutions run by them i.e. the 150 years of the foundation of Apostolic Carmel Congregation. Locally here, Mount Carmel Central School, Mary Hill-Mangaluru celebrated the feast of their patroness, Mother of Mount Carmel in a befitting manner of joy, spirituality and stellar display of talents by the students.

Today’s programme was split into two sessions-one by the little kids of the School; and later at 11 am by the other students. Students of grade 3A and 3B gave a stellar performance. The programme commenced with a befitting prayer service. Heaps of talent was exhibited through a meaningful skit in which manifestation of the power of prayer, faith and submission to God’s will was showcased. The dances and songs which were fused in the skit received an overwhelming applause. The orators were confident as they delivered their dialogues and speeches.

The Chief Guest of the day was Sr. Carissima AC – School Administrator. It was indeed a joy for everyone in the audiences to welcome and hear her message. She also acknowledged, appreciated and applauded all the performers, the staff for their sense of belongingness and the parents for their presence which was a proof of their love. School Principal Sr. Melissa AC warmly greeted, applauded and blessed everyone present with her heartfelt blessings.

The students of class 10 then shed light on the history of this great day highlighting the vision and mission of Apostolic Carmelite order. The students presented an enchanting song in praise of the “Flower of Carmel”. To know more about the significance of the day, students enacted a skit on the toil of the hands and passion in the heart of AC Foundress Mother Veronica. This was followed by a joyous and floor-tapping dance, comprising of Bollywood and Konkani songs. An educative skit with a hint of humour was enacted highlighting the effect of social media has on today’s youth.

The Chief Guest Sr. Josline Joseph AC- General Councillor of Formation-Apostolic Carmel Congregation-Bengaluru addressed the gathering and highlighted the connection we have with each other as children of one God. She urged the staff and students to be the ambassadors of the Carmelite virtues which are in a beauty truth, love and compassion. Sr Josline further said, ” You need to have a smile on your face always. Let us always meet each other with smile, for the smile is the beginning of love. Because of your smile, you make life more beautiful. Share your smile with the world. Lighten up, just enjoy life, smile more, laugh more, and don’t get so worked up about things. I know you students are smart, having excelled in your academics and also in co-curricular activities. Keep up the spirit, and make your School as ONE of the BEST SCHOOL in your district. Follow in the teachings and footsteps of your Patroness, and May God bless you all”

Sr Josline then awarded the winners of the quiz on Mother Veronica. To be inspired is great, but to inspire is incredible-and it was time for Sr Melissa AC, the Principal who spoke a few words of wisdom, and wished everyone a blessed Feast day. It is not joy that makes us grateful, it is gratitude that makes us joyous, and for that matter, Miss Shreya of Class X proposed the vote of thanks. Welcome address was delivered by Mahindra of Class XII, and the programme was compered by Miss Lisha Ann Pereira and Larrel J Cutinha.

Let me wind this report by wishing all our Apostolic Carmel Congregation Sisters around the globe who this weekend will be celebrating the 150 years of the birth of their Congregation through praise, prayers ad penance. Let us also keep in mind the players who will add glory to God by taking home the FIFA World Cup 2018 tomorrow. Today was a great day for everyone in the Family of Mount Carmel Central School, where they all lifted up to the throne of the Heavenly Father, by gathering at the auditorium and pray through the intercession of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, that they all may imbibe the spirit of Carmel. Happy Mount Carmel Feast to all!

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