DC Senthil was a Non-Corrupt & Ruthless with Law Breakers! Here’s What Citizens have to Say

DC Senthil was a Non-Corrupt & Ruthless with Law Breakers! Here’s What Citizens have to Say

Former Dakshina Kannada DC Sasikanth Senthil was a Non-Corrupt & Ruthless with Law Breakers! Here’s What Citizens and Politicians have to Say about Him…

Mangaluru : Among the vast number of people praising the good things done by former Deputy Commissioner of Dakshina Kannada Sasikanth Senthil, who resigned on personal reasons, and who want him to come back, but only a few have been passing negative comments on them, of whom one is BJP’s firebrand and Uttara Kannada MP Ananthkumar Hegde who expressing his anguish against DC Senthil has said, “The first thing He (Senthil) should do is migrate with people of his mindset to Pakistan, and launch a campaign against our nation and government. This is a simple and lasting solution”. Absolutely a ignorant and senseless comment by the MP.

Then on Sunday, we had the Dakshina Kannada District Sand Lorry Owners’ Union accusing Sasikanth Senthil, of being a corrupt officer. Addressing the media here on Sunday September 8, president of this Association, Jayaraj Shetty, said that Senthil had created several lobbies with regard to sand mining during his tenure with ulterior intentions. He also claimed that he had granted GPS tender for a company blacklisted in Udupi, and had committed wrongs through the formation of sand bazaar application without government authorization.He also said, “Deputy commissioner Sasikanth Senthil was responsible for the increase of sand price of from Rs 3000 to Rs 14000. He erred in conducting dredging at Thumbay dam. For a single permit, he permitted sand extraction of sand at various places. He had received kickback in granting of tender to a company named T For You. Wrongs were also committed in fixing of GPS to sand trucks and in giving the seized sand to a single company. Even in the sand distribution, DC supported some political leader and also some former ministers. MLA U T Khader also intervened in the matter,” he stated.

What a joke- if the members of the above Association knew that DC Senthil was corrupt, how come they kept quite when DC was still in the office. Talking nonsense after a person resigns from the job, is like, it’s not worth crying over spilled milk? If they had guts they should have raised their voices when DC was in his post. Like the allegations put forth by this sand association members that DC was corrupt, and if DC was a corrupt he would have stayed have stayed in that post, because no corrupt officer will dare to quit such a top and high pay job. People should think twice before they spit out venom on other people. I bet the corrupt sand mafia dealing with illegal business, whom the DC had kept a eye on are now probably rejoicing after his resignation. Bah humbug!

Then yesterday, during a press meet Puttur MLA and district BJP president, Sanjeev Matandoor, called former DC as anti-national, saying “Entire country has understood the mentality of Sasikanth Senthil. As an officer, he is sincere. But in a media interview, he said he is against Article 370, Rama Rajya and many other things. Being a public servant, he spoke against the decision of the central government and hence Senthil is an anti-national”. Oh well, the resignation of DC has become a political issue, with Congress backing the DC, and BJP lashing at former DC. But the good citizens know very well the sincere efforts and hard work put in by Senthil towards the development of Mangaluru, before resignation.

Former minister Ramanath Rai had said that Senthil was an upright and pro-poor officer, and his decision to quit had disappointed many in DK. He was an officer who had great concern for the people, and his resignation yet again highlights the present climate under the Modi regime. I think Senthil should reconsider his decision and continue with his service”. MLA and former minister U T Khader had said, “It is very well known that the Central government is putting lots of pressure on bureaucrats, and a result many bureaucrats have resigned from their prestigious posts. The Central govt should bring proper working conditions for the IAS and IPS officers, and it is learnt that the central govt is pressurizing IAS officers to take early leave for not obliging their demands. Under such a situation, how can you expect a dedicated and honest officer to perform his duties. In the case of DC Senthil, I have spoken to the Karnataka chief secretary to convince Senthil to take back his resignation, and return back to his post within five years, if he want to” .

Even though DC Senthil had quit on last Friday, he has been followed by his dear fans, and also a bunch of organizations pressurizing to withdraw his resignation and resume back to his office. Sources reveal that on Sunday, 8 September, well-wishers and members from various departments had visited DC’s Bungalow at Balmatta, thereby pressurizing him to withdraw his resignation, but DC was very much reluctant to change his mind on his already made decision. He even clarified that he finds it impossible to discharge duties by working against the principles he has always believed in. He also said that this is exactly the reason why he decided to step down. It is learnt that DC visited the deputy commissioner’s office on Saturday evening and held discussions with new DC Ms Sindhu Roopesh.

Recalling a few of Senthils efforts-he had made elaborate preparation to face the 2018 and 2019 floods that affected the district greatly. Keeping NDRF and Fire and Emergency Services personnel ready, appointing nodal officers for each flood-prone area, opening a 24-hour control room, arranging relief material immediately, restoring damaged infrastructure within a short period, etc., were some actions taken. Realizing the enormous damage to the coastal ecosystem following unbridled sand extraction, Senthil brought down the number of sand mining permits in rivers of the coastal regulation zone from over 400 to about 90. This considerably brought down the quantum of sand extracted from Netravati and Phalguni (Gurupura) from their CRZ belts. Senthil believed that the money coming through illegal extraction was used to foment communal trouble in the district and thus was ruthless on both counts.

He even even introduced an online platform — www.dksandbazaar.com — in May 2019. Sand extractors in the district were made to sell sand only through these platforms. The move had multiple effects. While it ensured people got sand at the right price, transparency was ensured in extraction and transportation.When Mangaluru and Dakshina Kannada were hit with a dengue outbreak this monsoon, Senthil took several steps to deal with the issue. From organizing source reduction movement to eliminating larvae, guppy fish distribution, arranging a larvae hunt contest for college students, he devised several ways to curtail the disease this year.

Having earned the tag ‘darling of schoolchildren’, former DC Sasikanth Senthil, had been ruthless against law-breakers while exhibiting utmost professionalism in handling natural calamities in his near two-year stint in Dakshina Kannada. Even though the rains stopped once holidays were declared, his intention of not putting the lives of children in danger, expecting water bodies to swell during downpours, was commended. Schools were closed nearly for a week both last year and this year following torrential rains. And due to his action on declaring rain holidays, there were quite a few funny whatsapp messages making mockery of him.

But Team Mangalorean spoke to a few citizens in Mangaluru about their opinion and thoughts on former DC Sasikanth Senthil, and here are a few of them-

“I have not had any occasion to meet DC Senthil, but I have heard much about his efficiency. His emphasis on law enforcement has also been hailed as important in the making of a safe, Smart City. Of course, officials are tied down by the systemic ethos within which they operate and I do not know how well Senthil managed to negotiate these challenges. In India, we have a tendency towards binary understandings of such issues, and that may not resolve any problems, for people are then easy to blame or praise. In any case, Senthil’s name is now in the list of former DCs, and I do hope his positive contributions will be remembered”- Dr Ravishanker Rao- Professor in English, Mangalore University.

“The resignation of DC Mr Shaikanth Senthil, IAS officer, is a great loss to Dakshina Kannada District. An administrator par excellence with sharp intellect and strong convictions has touched many young minds and citizens for commitment and honesty. Pioneering digital technology to successfully thwart the menace of corruption is something that was innovative. Ever approachable, down to earth he has been the ‘DC of the Common Man’. His astute ability to discern the struggles of the people and the capacity to be sensitive to their needs is highly commendable. May his efforts to reach out to more people be realized”- Dr Rose Veera D’Souza, HOD, Department of Political Science, St Aloysius College (Autonomous), Mangaluru.

“Mangaluru has lost a concerned, caring and proactive ,peoples D.C. Dear Sasikanth Senthil I.A.S. Apart from his administrative duties, he had people at the centre of his concern. from encouraging service to elders to the common man, he was always available. Its shocking and fearful to see the reason he has given saying democracy and administration is under threat. If an IAS officer is to make such a statement and resign, the common man will definitely feel insecure. Hope the Government reaches out to him and brings back an eminent people’s DC back to people”- Er Jerardin D’souza- Founder, Mangalore Alzheimer’s Association (MAA).

” I heard from my mom, that the DC who resigned few days ago was very much concerned about children lives during incessant rains, and he was quick in declaring holidays whenever a Red alert was announced. I would like to thank DC Senthil Sir, for his love and concern towards us, and we all will surely miss a very caring and sincere person, who had so much concern towards children and their families”–Miss Shalini Rai, IX std student

“Our much loved DC of DK was a principled human being, had special love for the poor and the people in distress. He had given boost to our IAS courses at St Aloysius College (Autonomous). He supported and encouraged to start the St Aloysius Institute of Civil services. He visited us on important occasion and inspired young minds to serve the Society and country. May God shower his blessings on him for the service he rendered to DK district.”- Fr Praveen Martis SJ- Principal-St Aloysius College, Mangaluru

Ever since his resignation from the DC post on 6 September, Sasikanth Senthil has been staying away from the media people and others and therefore has kept the people guessing about his future moves. Rumours are that he will return back to his hometown in Chennai, and later make his future decision. It is also learnt that Senthil’s resignation has not yet been officially accepted and it is learnt that as per rules, the government can take two weeks or more time to take a decision on the resignation. At the same time, the list of transferred IAS officers released by the government on last Friday had the name of Sasikanth Senthil.

In the last couple of days, Former DC Sasikanth Senthil has been handling different kind of pressure, with people on social media trying to make personal attacks against him, and politicians also lashing at him during press meets, but during his last interaction with a reporter in Mangaluru, he had said, “Civil service in India is a great platform for all aspiring youngsters who want to achieve their goals. The service also had provided me that platform and I have never felt there was a shortcoming within the service to achieve that. I certainly didn’t leave the service for that reason. I strongly encourage all bright minds to pursuye the civil service as I have found it to be enriching in all aspects”.

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