DDMA Holds Mock Drill on Disaster Management at Forum Mall

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DDMA Holds Mock Drill on Disaster Management at Forum Mall

Mangaluru: A CSSR Mock Exercise was conducted by the District Disaster Management Authority (DDMA) in coordination with the 10th Battalion National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) at the Forum Fiza Mall, Pandeshwar here on April 8.

Pandeshwar and Kadri Fire Stations, Mangalore Health Department, The Humanitarian Relief Society (NGO), and Forum Fiza Mall Security personnel also participated in this exercise. Prior to commencement, the Chief Fire Officer – T N Shivashankar laid out three hypothetical disaster scenarios that could take place during the monsoon season.

The first scenario involved people stranded in the basement parking lot of the mall during heavy rain. Imagining such an instance, the disaster relief personnel came to life. A team comprising Mall Security personnel and NGO volunteers rescued three casualties. Next, the NDRF sprang into action as they pretended to paddle their way through flood waters and deployed lifebuoys to rescue the drowning victims.

The rescued casualties were carried on stretchers to the Triage Area. In this area, the patients were sorted into different medical tents by following a pre-established colour code. While Black colour stood for deceased patients, Red and Yellow colours indicated that the patient was in critical condition and had to be shifted to the nearest hospital.

The second scenario dealt with possible structural collapse due to substantial water damage. In this instance, an announcement was made for immediate evacuation. Next, a canine unit was deployed in order to sniff out victims trapped behind brick walls and metal sheets; then NDRF personnel rescued the victims by cutting through the material using sophisticated power tools.

The third scenario involved people stranded on the top of the mall. A 54-metre Aerial Ladder Platform was used to bring the victims down safely.

Addressing the mediapersons, Chief Fire Officer – T N Shivashankar said, “The Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India advised us to conduct a mega mock exercise. We created three scenarios that could take place during the rainy season. No personnel of any department were injured during the mock exercise. This shows that there is good coordination between the departments.”

When asked if there were any areas that needed to be improved, T N Shivashankar said, “Today, we required more police personnel in order to cordon the area. We also could’ve used the help of departments like RTO, PWD, and MESCOM.”

A total of 200 personnel participated in the mock drill and the exercise lasted for more than three hours.

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