Death Sentence should be given for slaughtering cows – Hukum Singh Chawla

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Death Sentence should be given for slaughtering cows – Hukum Singh Chawla

Mangaluru: The Vishwa Hindu Parishat (VHP ) and the Bajrang Dal (BD) jointly organised a protest meet against the state government, the police department and the illegal slaughter of cows, at Nehru Maidan here, on July 13.

The programme began with an invocation. District President of VHP, Jagadish Shenava welcomed the gathering.

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In his keynote address, Kateel Dinesh Pai said, “At first, we did not get the permission to hold the protest meet. The district administration and the state government are acting like Aurangzeb. At first, the district administration did not allow us to hold the protest meet but later, they agreed with some conditions. We have given information about cow trafficking, but the police are unable to arrest the cow traffickers. I think the police do not know how to arrest cow traffickers, or they may be afraid to arrest them. If the police are afraid to go to Kudroli to arrest the cow slaughters or afraid of the politicians, our Bajrang Dal activists will train and help the police to arrest these people. If cow trafficking and illegal cow slaughtering will not be stopped, not only Dakshina Kannada district, but the entire state will burn.” He also cursed the cow butchers and traffickers and said that their families will not prosper. “Those who take care of cows will prosper and be able to lead a peaceful life in this country.”

Dr Ananthkrishna Bhat speaking on the occasion said that everyone has the right to protest but the district administration did not give permission for the protest against cow traffickers and illegal cow slaughters. “We are fighting against the government’s double standard. We need to strengthen the Police Department to carry out such operations without any fear.” He urged the gathering to pledge for the protection of cows. “In our country, cows are drastically decreasing. We all consume cow’s milk and it is our duty to protect the cows.”

Prof M B Puranik said that in 1947, according to a survey, the population of cows was such that there was one cow for three persons but today, it is one for 56 persons. “In Dakhsina Kannada district, most of the people depend on agriculture and they rear cows. In olden days, people were depending on cows or bullocks for ploughing. Now, the population of cows has decreased. It is necessary to install check posts everywhere to curb the trafficking of cows. At present, cow traffickers transport cows to the slaughter houses without any fear,” he said.

Puranik also said that cow trafficking, attacking cows with deadly weapons and illegal cow slaughtering is rampant in coastal Karnataka. “Because of the state government’s negligence on such issues, it has encouraged those slaughtering cows illegally to commit more crimes. We have informed the police but they are not taking any action against the traffickers or illegal cow slaughter houses. The police are afraid to arrest them, but our activists are ready to assist the police if they are willing to arrest the culprits,” he assured.

Vice president of Central Goraksha Committee and chief guest Hukum Singh Chawla said, “If the youth of this district can take the Baghvad flag in their hands and march in a procession in the hot sun, the same hands can take sticks in their hands to protect cows.” He further said that according to western countries, the world is a market and everyone is a buyer, whoever has money is the winner and the rest are useless”.

He further said that after the Great Revolt of 1857, when Bahadur Shah Zafar was reigning over the Mughal empire, Zafar had said that firstly, “Ram birth place would be handed over to Hindus after independence for Hindu-Muslim unity. Secondly, he said that everyone has the right to practice his/her religion and there will be no conversion, and Thirdly, those who slaughter cows will be given death sentence. If the Karnataka state government does not stop the slaughtering of the cows, the country will be divided.

He also said, “India exports meat to 64 nations. Cow’s milk is good for health. It has 6 types of vitamins, proteins and it has CAA which helps to fight against cancer. In our country cancer is growing. People will buy a bottle of Bisleri water to drink paying Rs 20, but people are hesitant to drink milk paying Rs 30. This is the main cause that the present children are very weak. Even our Indian cricketers are drinking milk. If they drink cows milk, then the Indian cricket team will be the best in the world. Our team lost against Bangladesh; Don’t know what milk our cricketers have been drinking to lose against Bangladesh.” He further said, “If the cow is saved, then our country will be saved; If the cow will be slaughtered, the country will be divided. We will not allow cow to be killed or the country to be divided.”

Jitendra Kottari compered the programme. Sharan Pumpwell, Gopal Kuthar, Murali, Deekaiah, Premalatha Anchan and others were also present.

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  1. Death Sentence should be given for slaughtering cows – Hukum Singh Chawla Vice president of Central Goraksha Committee

    Dear readers,

    In Modi’s India whatever Hindu Fanatic wishes could be realised. In one comment Vinod Bansal, spokesperson for Vishva Hindu Parishad, a Hindu nationalist organization says,” Buffalo meat isn’t beef,” “Only cow meat is beef and India doesn’t export that. And if a Hindu eats beef he or she cannot be called a Hindu.” .

    “Wherever there is a BJP government, we will consider the sentiments of the people before imposing ban on beef. We have not said that we will be banning beef across the country,” BJP president Amit Shah told reporters in Goa, where the BJP government has allowed sale and consumption of beef.

    Polarising people in the name of religion is too overt, but doing it by pitting their eating habits against each other may have the same effect while appearing totally benign.
    The ban of sale, possession and consumption of beef in Maharashtra with stringent punishment is certainly a political move because cow is sacred to the Hindus, according to the BJP and Hindu organisations, and most of the beef business is handled by Muslims. More over, most of the consumers of beef are also believed to be Muslims and Christians. After all, you are what you eat, seems to be the message from the government that brands and divide people.

    In a country where basic hunger of people is still unmet, the upkeep of the cows that cannot be slaughtered will ultimately fall on the farmer, who incidentally will have to stop rearing cows because the cost will impoverish him/her. It will have an impact on the economies of poor and rural households besides affecting milk overall production of the state.
    It’s for these reasons that the father of Indian white revolution, Verghese Kurien had staunchly opposed the ban on cow-slaughter. In his autobiography, he recalls his efforts to oppose the ban on cow-slaughter on behalf of the dairy industry: “My brief was to prevent any ban on cow slaughter. It was important for us in the dairy business to keep weeding out the unhealthy cows so that available resources could be utilised for healthy and productive cattle. I was prepared to go as far as to allow that no useful cow should be killed. This was the point on which the Shankaracharya and I invariably locked horns and got into heated arguments. I constantly asked him, ‘Your Holiness, are you going to take all the useless cows which are not producing anything and look after them and feed them till they die? You know that cannot work.’ He never had any answer to my query.”

    BJP says that banning cow-slaughter is its election promise. Will the BJP ruled states set up homes and budgets for taking care of unproductive cows? Is it even feasible while the problem of hunger is “alarming” in most of the states except in Punjab, Kerala, Assam and Andhra Pradesh? In fact, the Hunger Index of Gujarat, another state where cows cannot be slaughtered, is worse than India’s national average, which incidentally is worse than countries such as Pakistan and Malawi.

    Will the BJP now turn to India’s beef exports? In his prime ministerial campaign, Narendra Modi had made fun of the Congress for promoting a “pink revolution”, which meant exporting beef. As the second largest exporter of beef in the world, India earns about $ 4.3 billion a year. According to BJP, the Congress had encouraged beef exports (although most of it’s buffalo meat) to placate the Muslims. Modi had promised to stop this. Will he? If he does, polarisation of people using beef-politics will be complete. His economists may advise against it because it’s a lot of foreign exchange.

    The ban, if strictly enforced across India, will certainly affect rearing cows. In the name of religion, meddling with a mutually beneficial ecosystem that has contributed immensely to the country’s food security, is foolish.
    Instead of fanning religious emotions of people, what the country needs are stringent measures for the upkeep of productive cattle so that they don’t wander on city roads and highways and die eating garbage and plastic. If we are kind to our cattle, we should modernise abattoirs and enforce global standards in our meat industry.

    Lastly, that Hindus don’t eat beef is a myth. For instance, majority of Hindus, including the saffronites, in Kerala eat it. For many years it had been their staple protein until factory-bred chicken replaced it as a cheaper option in recent times. In big cities and state capitals, the elite and the well-travelled love their steaks and beef-burgers. Instead of focusing on cows and beef, the BJP governments should be encouraged to reduce hunger and the severe protein malnourishment of its people.

    I would request all Modi Bhakt and GO mundal to read The author, Dwijendra Narayan Jha, Professor of History at the University of Delhi, has marshalled indisputable evidence proving what every scholar of India has known for well over a century.

    Jai Hind

    • I wonder why ISI(S)-sponsored Sharia Shaikh runs away from my simple questions? I’ve listed two easy questions below.

      1. Is Pincode Pai a Pagan for believing in false gods ?
      2. Does Sharia Shaikh consider Dawood Ibrahim as India’s enemy?

  2. In the name of ‘ksheera kraanti’ (‘Kurien’ was the architect behind it), a model was created where we have more cows than we can sustain. Unless you address the root cause behind this supply chain, it is very difficult to get rid of the problem. Remember, we are NOT raising cows for meat consumption. All these cows are mainly used for farming and sold to slaughtering houses later. Those who lived in rural area know how this model works. Every dhoomanna has cows these days. Any ‘unwanted’ cow will be sold to some middleman ‘raamanna’ who in turn sells it to Haneef !! Game over for the poor cow!!

    This is why it is important to push for ‘moderate’ consumption of dairy products to return to more sustainable model. Those people on the stage don’t look very intelligent. The rhetoric hardly solves the problem. They need to look at the bigger picture and cut down on the ‘demand’ side. We need to fight ‘Kurien’ model and move towards more sustainable, plant based diet.

    • Original Duplicate is forging duplicate history. He claims, “In the name of ‘ksheera kraanti’ (‘Kurien’ was the architect behind it), a model was created where we have more cows than we can sustain.” This is a blatent lie.

      As on 1947, India had one half of the world’s cow population, but the milk yield was abysmally low and we had to import milk products. We could not pay money then and as such the USA supplied the same as charity. Such an India it was then and today is the largest producer and exporter of milk and milk products in the world!

      But, India was exporting cows hide and tea in 1947, but to day hide is not in the export list! That is because beef eating in India is drastically reduced.

      Every Indicater belies Dhongi History of the RSS Paimaam!

  3. Banning beef is also a slow death sentence for poor Indians by taking away their nutritional diet.

    • Slow death sentence??? Seriously? I guess no logic works with ‘naalige chapala’ crowd as they ignore real slaughtering of poor animals while making up an imaginary ‘slow death sentence’ to poor Indians!!

  4. We need to fight ‘Kurien’ model and move towards more sustainable, plant based diet.-Atheist Mr.Original Pai


    In 1965, the then Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shastri first initiated ‘White revolution’ by creating the National Dairy Development Board (NDDB) under the leadership of Dr. Verghese Kurien to replicate the success story of Amul throughout the country. In 1973, Dr. Kurien set up GCMMF (Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation) to market the products produced by the dairies. Under Dr. Kurien’s stewardship, India became the largest producer of milk in the world.

    While attacking the UPA government ahead of last year’s Lok Sabha polls, Narendra Modi fleshed out his public speeches by alleging the Congress-led Centre promoted a “pink revolution” in subsiding slaughterhouses and promoting meat exports through tax breaks.After coming to power Modi economist found the value of the foreign exchange worth $4.8 Billion Red Meat Export Surge by 16% Gives Beef Ban a Red Faced.

    With increasing resentment and failure to deliver the election promises, the cow became victim of religious war which Vedic people greatly admired to be part of their diet and important delicacy serving the guest.

    This Modi scandal marred government with multiple scams have no other option using religious tool which no other party know how to counter. When corruption and 15 lakh issue is raised in parliament they brought ‘Ghar Wapsi’ .Now Ashok Chouhan government inspired by Agatha Christie Novel,’Vyapam’ whistle blowers are mysteriously vanishing one after the other.

    So the Mangalore RSS unit brought this ‘Garbage’ Ashok as a diversion tactics, in country which scams and murders are just remain to be nightmare lived short.

    And indeed, for you in the cattle (is) a lesson. We give you to drink from what (is) in their bellies, from between bowels and blood, milk pure, palatable to the drinkers.-an-Nahl 16:66

    Is RSS going back to the roots of 1400 year old book which promoted ‘White revolution’?

    Is our Atheist Mr.Original and his RSS is calling for mother feed their plant based ‘Soya milk’ next?

    Jai Hind

  5. Mr. Modi won’t allow any meat in his Royal Air India 747 but only the vegetarian food specially prepared by his Gujarthi chef.
    However, Mr. Modi loves to hug the rich and powerful beef eaters of other countries, also loves to visit the beef eating countries of the world. Usually, the Prime Ministers and Presidents of other countries won’t hug, but the fatherly figure Modiji has hugged the beef eating U.S. President, Facebook CEO Mark
    Zuckenburgh, the Australian Prime Minister etc. For hugging these beef eating sinners, what kind of restitution Mr. Modi has to undertake? The beef eaters are the worst sinners of the world, eating the meat of mother cow God; that is worse than cannibalism. The glorious days of India has started indeed!

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