Declare Sangh Parivar as terror outfits – Block Congress

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Declare Sangh Parivar as Terror outfits – Block Congress

Udupi: The Udupi Block Congress and Youth Congress held a protest at the Clock Tower near Service Bus-stand on August 20, condemning the incident of the BJP activist who was brutally attacked and killed by the Hindu Jagarana Vedike members.

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Addressing the protesters Satish Ameen Padukere president of Udupi Block Congress condemned the murder of BJP activist Praveen Poojary. The murder of Praveen Poojary is a shameful act for the district. The murder of a human being has taken place for the sake of protecting the animals. The Bajrang Dal and other Sangh Parivar outfits should be held responsible for the crime.

In the name of Gau Rakshak, the violence against innocent people has increased. The so-called cow protectors themselves are involved in criminal activities. The so-called Gau Rakshaks who are playing with the lives of innocent people should be severely punished so that no such Gau Rakshaks will take the law into their hands. He also demanded a speedy investigation of the case and the culprits to be severely punished.

block-congress-protest-udupi-praveen-poojary-20160820-05 block-congress-protest-udupi-praveen-poojary-20160820-06 block-congress-protest-udupi-praveen-poojary-20160820-07 block-congress-protest-udupi-praveen-poojary-20160820-08 block-congress-protest-udupi-praveen-poojary-20160820-09 block-congress-protest-udupi-praveen-poojary-20160820-10

The murder of Praveen Poojary has created fear in the minds of the people in the district. He also said that the backward communities and the poor people are the victims of the so-called cow protectors. The hidden agenda of the BJP is taking the life of the poor innocent youth. In the name of Hindutva, poor youth have to sacrifice their life, alleged Satish.

He demanded that the Sangh Parivar be declared as Terror outfits for encouraging violence.

Congress leader Nagesh Udyavar, Amrith Shenoy, Narasimha Moorthy, M A Gafoor, Chandrika Shetty, Mallika Balakrishna, Meenakshi Madhava, Prashanth Poojary, Yathish Karkera and others were present.

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  1. This is exactly why this battle will be won by Sangha Parivaara, not the Congress party and its allies. It all comes down to what your intentions are. What your ideologies are! Before I explain why these guys shown in report are wrong and intellectually dishonest, let me invite all the genuinely curious and honest people on this forum to read the 15th issue of Debiq, an online magazine published by Islamic State. This is probably as close as one can get to understand the true mindset and real motives of this organization without entering Syria!! In the editorial titled “Why we hate you, Why we fight you”, they do an amazing job of explaining their views. The clarity in their motive, thinking and the real caliber of people they have managed to recruit are quite scary and depressing!! In a way, this editorial is a direct ‘kapaala moksha’ to intellectuals like Bakra Dutta!! It destroys every excuse, apology and explanation you hear from ‘secular’ brigade. Here is the link:

    Now, coming back to the recent death of one Mr.Poojary in the hands of a few criminal elements, let me make one thing very clear – the use of violence is absolutely unacceptable. Whatever be the reason behind the murder, the ones involved should be brought to justice. Nothing justifies violence except self-defense. As we look at this incident and calls from certain political factions to declare sangha parivaara as ‘terrorist outfits’, we HAVE to talk about motives and ideologies. Does Sangha Parivaara sanction and justify the killing of innocents? Is it an official stand of sangha parivaara to attack and kill illegal cow traffickers? Or, are these incidents due to some bad actors who failed to see the difference between rhetoric and violence? As any honest person would admit, the answer to these questions is a resounding ‘No’ with the exception of last one.

    This is exactly where Congress and its allies are falling short and destroying their own credibility. Sangha Parivaara can be blamed for its frequent rhetoric but not for sanctioning, supporting or justifying violence in the name of its ideology. In fact, it’s exactly the opposite – they reject and dissociate themselves from the ones committed crime. Still, Congress and its allies want to declare Sangha Parivaara as terrorist outfits. On the other hand, there are organizations and ideologies who openly declare their motives and support violence as sanctioned in their books. They take responsibility for the act after each incident. They don’t hide how and where they are getting their marching orders from. (That’s why I provided the link above). But, you will never hear Congress and its allies utter a single word on confronting the terrorist ideology.

    This is where Congress, its allies and secular media have lost credibility. I am all for true secular society where we separate religion from politics. I am all for applying the same secular standards on all religions and groups with a single focus on progress. As I have mentioned many times before, the religions are natural enemies of critical thinking and progress. However, you can’t achieve a secular society by selectively siding with religions. Sooner secular groups realize this, better for civilized societies.

    • ..this battle will be won by Sangh Parivara. – maha Joker RampaNNA

      Maha Joker Yumreeki RampaNNA,

      The ONLY battle that the Sangh may win is the ‘Battle of/for cow’ – if at all they do. And if they do, imagine some 50 – 100 years down the lane, History lessons may list the ‘Battle of/for cow’ along with Battles of Buxar, Plassey, Panipet, Buxar, 2nd & third Carnatic wars etc.

      What an ‘…..’ chap this fellow is! No wonder he scooted to ‘phoreen por a pew dolllaaars more’. tsk! 🙂

    • What will the Gau Rakshaks do next? Accost somebody & bash the bejesus outta him/her for carrying a ‘suspected’ leather (ambaa Hide, of course!) wallet or sporting wearing a leather belt?

      Truly, the Beef Jokers Party are wearing their ‘beef’ ….. oops…. hearts on their sleeves! 😉

      And we have our Numero Uno Joker from Yumreeka giving us lectures which are a tad shorter than the Iliad and the Odyssey put together! Lol!

      Hopefully, once our Yumreeki puts up his 5 star Go Shaaaalaaaa at Kuppedapadav in the next 10 yrs or so, the menace in Mangalore should subside. Good initiative ya, RampaNNA. Good job. 🙂

  2. What will Gau Rakshaks do next? Stoop to a new low, that’s what.

    Gau Rakshak Dal chief, booked for sodomy, arrested by Patiala police

    The Patiala police on Sunday arrested Gau Rakshak Dal chief Satish Kumar, a fortnight after he was booked for sodomy, rioting, extortion and other charges’.

    Go the link to read about the sordid details.

    • Gau rakshak Dal chief booked for sodomy, arrested by Patiala police. – Mr. Roy

      Sir, Lard Rampu’ji would tell you at least (if not all) one of the following:

      1. His ACTIONS have been taken out of context.

      2. He was only ‘inspecting’ backsides to apply soothing balm when whacked by OTHER cow-vigilantes.

      3. If proof exists of point no.2 then at least he didn’t go after the backside of an… and involve himself in….. Wajid Haram ya Habibe!

      4. This is a conspiracy by Pappu of 3G fame and/or other Congees.

      5. If point no 4 is ruled out, we have no other option BUT to point fingers at Paki Fringe elements, Boko Haram, Somali Pirates besides others.

      Now, lets wait and see how our Yumreeki Gau Rakshaka will respond. Ummm.. Will he:

      1. Bring up my allegedly rejected Yumreeki Visa (not to mention various others about which I ‘confessed’ to Mr. Alfie the other day?

      2. Accuse me of NOT knowing about his Murudu statues when he has NO clue about Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janerio?

      3. Deny the ‘fact’ that he and I were roommates in a 10 x 10 room in Saudi with some 8 others? (No taxes, but free AC).

      4. Accuse me of being a SD hater and Podi baiter?

      5. ALL the above?

      Lets wait and watch. Bele Bampere… kabaddi.. kabaddi…. kabaddi….. 🙂

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