Deepavali should Wipe Tears of Deprived and Needy – Bishop Gerald Lobo

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Deepavali should Wipe Tears of Deprived and Needy – Bishop Gerald Lobo

Udupi: “Deepavali is the festival of lighting knowledge over ignorance”,  said Bishop of Udupi Diocese Dr Gerald Isaac Lobo. The light of knowledge should spread happiness in the life of people. He was speaking at the Deepavali programme organized by Mother of Sorrows Church, here on October 20. The programme was jointly hosted by the Catholic Sabha.

Addressing the gathering Dr Gerald Isaac Lobo said, “Deepavali brings new joy and hope among Indians. Light is the sign of knowledge. The light of knowledge should destroy the darkness of ignorance. Indian festivals are full of joy and happiness, festivals inspire people to lead a happy life filled with values”.

Dr Gerald Isaac Lobo further said, “The festivals in India are celebrated with brotherhood and harmony, festivals have overcome the barriers of religion and faith. If a community celebrates festivals together, it leads to equality. The globalization of festivals is a good development. The light of Deepavali should fill values, morals, and knowledge in our life”.

Dr Gerald Isaac Lobo also said “Deepavali should wipe the tears of the deprived and needy. Deepavali is the sign of progressiveness, equality, love and humbleness. Religion is a hub which forms a man into a distinctive human being who has devotion, values and also a social approach. Deepavali should lead us to follow the right path”.

President of Rathabeedi Geleyaru Muralidara Upadhyaya said that we need to play a larger role in the society and lead our children to live in communal harmony that was followed by our ancestors.

Additional Public Prosecutor Muhammed Suhan said that we should strengthen our efforts to lead mankind to grow and flourish in harmony.

Pastor Sudhir Robinson of UBM Church Malpe said that If religion expresses feelings, humanity expresses brotherhood. We can flourish in the society only if we live together.

Fr Valerian Mendonca parish priest of Mother of Sorrows Church welcomed the gathering, Michael D’Souza delivered the vote of thanks and Alphonse D’Costa compeered the programme.

A mighty lamp was prepared during the occasion, the programme concluded with the cultural programme by the students.

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  1. What the residents of UDUPI have done, must be replicated in every part of India. beautiful message of co-existence. If God were to be many – every individual would have had a different colour rather than red. The creator is one; the branches are many. Lets be Indians first, preserve our identity which leads to ‘practising every faith in the land of Religions” – INDIA.

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