Delhi-bound passengers in Dubai fume as flight delayed for more than 11 hours

Delhi-bound passengers in Dubai fume as flight delayed for more than 11 hours

DUBAI: Passengers of an Indigo fight from Dubai to Delhi were left fuming after their flight was delayed by 11 hours.

The Indigo Flight 6E024 was scheduled to depart from Dubai International Airport at 7pm on Tuesday evening. However, it did not leave until 6.12am on Wednesday, causing angry scenes inside the plane.

Dubai-based Indian expat Kamran Ziauddin, who was on board, described the experience as harrowing.

“Initially, we were told the flight was delayed by three hours and would leave at 10pm. The departure timing was then revised to 11.25 pm. When we reached the boarding gate we were informed that there was a further delay. We finally boarded the plane at 1.35 am.”

“We had barely settled when we were told to expect even further delays because of heavy air traffic. We spent five hours inside the plane — that’s more than the flight duration between Dubai and Delhi,” said Ziauddin shortly before the plane took off 6.12 am.”

Another passenger alleged they weren’t served any refreshments during the five hours they spent inside the plane while it remained grounded.

“No refreshments were served to us. It was icy cold inside the aircraft. I asked the cabin crew for a blanket but she looked the other way,” he said.

“The person sitting next to me lost his father and has to reach Bhubaneswar for the funeral service. I don’t think he can make it there in time,” said yet another passenger. A comment from Indigo Airlines was not immediately available