Denial of Hall Ticket, Students Stage Protest against Milagres College Principal

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Denial of Hall Ticket, Students Stage Protest against Milagres College Principal

Mangaluru: The Campus Front of India along with the students and their parents staged a protest against the Principal of Milagres College who refused to give the Hall tickets to 22 students, in front of Milagres College here on October 27.

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Speaking to one of the parents said, “It is a hall ticket issue. We had gone for the PTA meeting about 15 days ago since the Principal had said that he would give the hall tickets after imposing a penalty. Later we also attended the management meeting where we were not treated well and were also denied the hall tickets. When we asked him, he said that it is not in his hands, and sent us to the Mangaluru university, giving us a note in the evening after we had waited since morning for the hall ticket. As it was already late we went to the University the next day and met the registrar. When Registrar called the Principal, he agreed to issue the hall ticket. Later when we came to the Milagres college, the Principal again refused to give the hall ticket”.

She further said, “The reason for denying the hall ticket is the shortage of attendance. Recently when a student had assaulted the Principal we supported the principal. We are Muslims and we respect the priest. Recently a list of more than 90 students was put on the notice board for the shortage of attendance. If he is denying the hall ticket as per the rules, let him deny it for all the 90 students, why has he given the hall tickets to only 68 students, why the discrimination? All the 22 students who have been denied hall tickets are final year students and it is a crucial year for them and their future”.

District president of CFI, Fayaz said, “The Principal is harassing the students a lot. For silly reasons, he is taking the students to task. Recently when the mother of a student had come to the College she was abused by the principal. In this connection, a case was filed and later withdrawn. Now hall tickets have been denied for the good and bright students. From the last 5 days, parents are coming to the college to collect the hall tickets”.

One of the students said, “We have attendance shortage but the Principal had assured us of issuing the hall ticket. Now he is not ready to issue our hall tickets, he is not even ready to talk to our parents. Recently a student from the college had assaulted the principal and for that reason, he is taking revenge on us”.

Later Police inspector Shantharam convinced the organization leaders to understand the situation and call off the protest. Heading to his advice the protest was called off and the crowd dispersed.

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  1. When you join an institution to study, then you must keep your attendance to ensure that you have attended all classes. If anyone does not want to follow rules of that institution, then don`t go there. But going to the institution and demanding that the rules change to suit anyone is not acceptable.

  2. The priest job is in the church and not the institution, Let all the institutions run by the government. Its time to make a change.

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