Denise Welch slams Katie Hopkins

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Los Angeles, Sep 9 (IANS) Actress Denise Welch has branded TV personality Katie Hopkins an “evil bi**h”.

The former “Loose Women” panelist has spoken out against Hopkins, insisting that the way she targets people unnecessarily, is “nasty”.

Speaking about Hopkins’ newspaper column, in which she earlier claimed she “didn’t care” about the migrant crisis, Welch told “I’ve had my own column and I’ve got too much on at the moment but I wouldn’t be nasty about people, so maybe it doesn’t make a good read.

“But then Carol McGiffin writes a fantastic column – she doesn’t hold back but she doesn’t set out to hurt people for no reason.

“Katie Hopkins is within her rights to address the opposite politics of Charlotte Church but why say, ‘Chubster Church’? What has her weight got to do with her politics? Nothing. That is what makes her an evil bi**h,” she added.

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