Dharam Teja’s next directorial based on bionics

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Chennai, Sep 3 (IANS) Filmmaker Dharma Teja, whose latest Telugu offering “Hora Hori” is gearing up for release, will next work on a yet-untitled sci-fi revenge drama in the language, using concepts related to bionics.

Bionics is the study of a mechanical system that functions as parts of living organisms.

“He’s currently doing his research on bionics. He had recently returned New York to understand more about this scientific technology,” a source close to Teja told IANS.

According to the source, the film will be about an armless young boy, who, with the help of an artificial arm, takes revenge.

“For the film’s shoot, Teja has already placed an order for a prosthetic arm. He has also started the casting process and like always, will soon start auditioning newcomers for this project,” the source added.

Known usually to make light-hearted romantic entertainers, this will be Teja’s first experimental attempt.

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