Director Viplove Koneti rubbishes death rumours

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Chennai, June 11 (IANS) Telugu director Viplove Koneti, whose directorial debut “Hithudu” is lined up for release, has brushed aside rumours about his sudden demise. He says he has been down due to ill-health, but is very much alive.

On Tuesday, news broke out that Koneti died at a private hospital.

“I fell ill, was hospitalised and cut myself off from all phone contact. True. Rest is a mystery. And I love death. I have openly confessed this in my writings, art and talks. I learnt a lot from death, which I have observed at close quarters while I was studying medicine,” Koneti posted on his Facebook page on Wednesday.

“Death is no joke for me. This is all because of a disturbance that I could not control and right now, I’m trying to control. I will try tougher measures so that such ‘disturbances’ do not disturb other people,” he added.

Koneti’s “Hithudu”, starring Jagapathi Babu and Meera Nandan, is gearing up for release soon.

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