Divine Guardians

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Divine Guardians
Using Angels For Protection

While most of us cannot see them, the universe is nonetheless filled
with angels representing many purposes. Angels are often called upon
to help comfort us, but they can also be called upon to help us with
protection. Many people who are receptive to spiritual forces can
sense or even physically feel the protective presence of angels, but
anyone, even those who have never before received angelic protection,
can access it. All you must do is ask. Angels cannot interfere in any
way with your life unless you invite them to, yet they are our willing
protectors and expect nothing in return. Once you have called upon
angels, however, you will most likely never know how many times they
have helped delivered you from harm.

Asking for protection or guidance needn’t be complex and there is no
limit to the number of angels you can have to help you. You may wish
to meditate or say a prayer, but all that’s necessary is a direct
request. Reach out with your heart and mind, and voice your request
out loud. Ask that angels surround and protect your home, or car,
whatever it is that you want help protecting. It’s helpful to
visualize what your new guardian angels are doing. See them forming a
protective ring around your automobile, riding in the seat next to you
if you are scared, or stand ready at your home’s doors and windows
while you are away. You may feel more confident if you know an angel
is always right beside you, protecting you from physical and emotional
injury. Angelic protection can extend beyond the physical and into the
realm of emotion, if that is what you desire.

If you’re unsure whether you have successfully called upon an angel,
try tuning out your senses and feeling with your heart. If you are
receptive to it, there is a chance that you will feel your companion
angels as warmth. If you wish you can refer to the angels you call

Author: Prasad Nayak

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