DK Congress Observes Death Anniversary of Rajiv Gandhi, Denounces Nalin’s Remarks on Former PM

DK Congress Observes Death Anniversary of Rajiv Gandhi, Denounces Nalin’s Remarks on Former PM

Mangaluru: The District Congress Committee observed the 28th death anniversary of Former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi at the DCC Office, Mallikatta here, on May 21.

Addressing the gathering former minister Ramanath Rai said, “Rajiv Gandhi dedicated his life to the development of this country. Despite being Indira Gandhi’s son, he never used Indira Gandhi’s government for his own purposes. Before serving as a Prime Minister, Rajiv Gandhi was working as a pilot during Indira Gandhi’s tenure. After Indira Gandhi’s death, all of the Congress party workers placed their faith in Rajiv Gandhi. If there has ever been an Indian leader whom the public loved the most, then that leader was Rajiv Gandhi. His humility and respect for others were unmatched.”

Ramanath Rai further said, “Before he was assassinated, Rajiv Gandhi had visited Mangaluru and met the local people of this region. Unfortunately, on his way to Perambudur, LTTE terrorists assassinated him. He was a champion of women rights and gave priority to the youth of the country. Today, Dakshina Kannada MP Nalin Kumar Kateel not only insults Rajiv Gandhi but also insults the father of the nation – Mahatma Gandhi. We will never forget his insults even after this generation. Rajiv Gandhi was known as Mister Clean because of his accusation-free name. The BJP party wanted to spoil his name and thereby falsely associated him with the Bofors scam. There were several investigations that cleared him and even the Supreme Court gave him a clean chit.”

He also said, “Rajiv Gandhi’s death anniversary also happens to be my own daughter’s birthday. However, I just wish my daughter Happy Birthday. We do not celebrate it because of the pain caused by Rajiv Gandhi’s death.”

Later, MLC and Parliamentary Secretary Ivan D’Souza said, “Today, if we are able to make use of mobile phones, computers, and other technology, it is because of Rajiv Gandhi. The Former Prime Minister valued the voice and opinion of the youth of India. That is why he lowered the voting age limit to 18 years old. He wanted the youth as well as the women of this country to participate in our democracy and have a voice. However, today, the BJP party calls a person who sacrificed his life for the country as a ‘deshdrohi’ or traitor of the country. After Indira Gandhi’s assassination, Rajiv Gandhi became Prime Minister with over 400 seats in the Lok Sabha elections. Right from Jawaharlal Nehru to Rahul Gandhi, it is the Congress party and its leaders that have built this nation.”

MP Candidate Mithun Rai also spoke on the occasion. DK Congress President Harish Kumar, former MLA Shakuntala Shetty, Former Mayor Jacinta Aldern, Shashidar Hegde, Sadashiv Ullal, Ibrahim Kodi, Suresh Ballal, Advocate Mohammed Hanif, and others were also present. यांनी वर पोस्ट केले सोमवार, २० मे, २०१९ यांनी वर पोस्ट केले सोमवार, २० मे, २०१९