DKA’s Literary Competitions results out

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DKA’s Literary Competitions results out

In poetry, Rolinda Gomes, in short story, Dr Umesh Kamat, in the one act play, Manuel Fernandes and in the essay, Rahima Sheikh bag the first prizes respectively.

In its constant efforts to enrich Konkani in the Roman script and to encourage young writers, Dalgado Konknni Akademi (DKA) organizes various literary competitions every year. The results of DKA’s 2017-18, literary competitions are as under:

Rolinda Gomes    Dr Umesh Kamat  Rahima Shaikh  Manuel Fernandes

In the poetry competition, ‘Oneyai’ a poem written by Rolinda Gomes bagged the first prize while Ashok Bhosle’ ‘Mogachi Kovnnulam’ and Savita G. Girodkar’s ‘Avoi’ secured the second and the third prizes respectively. The winners will receive cash prizes of Rs 3000/-, 2000/- and 1000/- respectively. Consolation prizes will also be awarded to Onasis N. Savio D’Cruz for his poem ‘Deva Tum Goro Vo Kallo?’.

In the short story category ‘Ghor Jai?… Ghor…’ written by Dr Umesh Kamat secured the first prize of Rs 7000/- while Aidan M Fernandes’ ‘Borem Kortoleak Borem Mellta’ won the second prize of Rs 5000/-. The third prize of Rs 3000/- bagged by Soccoro Rebello’ for his short story ‘Ixttancho Sangat’. Consolation prizes will also be awarded to Albert Jaques (’Chintnam Zalim Sopnam’) and Adrian Fernandes (‘Uxir Zalo Tednam’).

In the one-act play competition, the winners are Manuel Fernandes (‘Gai Vo Bai’), Albert L.C.R. de Souza (‘Devdan’) and Menino M. Araujo (‘Magon Kha.. Chorun Nhoim’). The winners will receive Rs 8000/-, 6000/- and 4000/- respectively.

In the essay competition, Rahima Sheikh bagged the first prize of Rs. 5000/- for ‘Mansik Duyens–Tache Porinam’ while Fr Jose Silveira’s “Zomnir Paim ani Mollbak Hat Lagona Tednam Kitem Korunk Dista’ and Janet Fernandes’ ‘Ostorechim Rupam vo Mukhamollam’ secured the second and third prize of Rs 4000/- and 3000/- respectively. Consolation prizes will also be awarded to Edwin Fernandes (‘Mhozo Desh Mahan’) and Walvin Fernandes (‘Monisponn’).

All the prize winners in the various competitions will also receive certificates.

The prize distribution ceremony will be held at a special function to be held on Saturday, February 24, 2018, at DKA’s Reginald Fernandes Conference Hall, Panaji at 4:30 pm. Fausto V Da Costa, Editor of Gulab magazine will be the Chief Guest. DKA President Tomazinho Cardozo will preside over the function.

DKA has appealed to all Konkani lovers to attend the function.

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