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""Name : Rhea Alvares
Date of Birth : 6 – 1 – 2004
Father : Vinaydeep Alvares
Mother : Joyce Alvares
Place of residence: Doha, Qatar 

Rhea Wants to do everything that her older sister Richa does, and this picture was done with the sole purpose of having it put up on the kitchen wall along with her sister’s drawing. She is now into Barney and loves the song " I love you, you love me". Like all girls, Rhea loves to play make believe with her barbie dolls and also enjoys riding on her tricycle.

This is one of my first pictures drawn and colored. One of the figures in the picture is a Dolphin! Dolphin is a intelligent, big and beautiful fish. I love to watch on TV, dolphins leaping in the water and I tried to draw it for you all to see.




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