Dr Rajendra Kumar Re-elected President of SCDCC bank

Dr Rajendra Kumar Re-elected President of SCDCC bank

Mangaluru: “16 of my candidates have won the SCDCC bank administration elections against the Sahakari Bharati. We have 16 constituencies in Dakshina Kannada and Udupi in which we fielded 16 candidates whereas the Sahakari Bharati fielded only 14 candidates which showed their weakness in the elections”, said the president of SCDCC Dr Rajendra Kumar in a press meet held at the bank premises here on March 22.

Addressing the mediapersons Dr Rajendra Kumar said, “During the elections, all the members of the co-operative societies have cast their vote.

SCDCC bank Administrative Board candidates under the leadership of Dr Rajendra Kumar contested the elections and all the 16 candidates won the elections against the Sahakari Bharati candidates.

Dr M N Rajendra Kumar, Bhaskar S Kotian, Vinay Kumar Soorinje, K Harischandra, S Raju Poojary, M Mahesh Hegde, Deviprasad Shetty, B Ashok Kumar Shetty, K S Devaraj, Sashikumar Rai, B M Vadiraj Shetty, B Niranjan, T G Rajaram Bhat, Monappa Shetty Yekkaru, K Jairaj B Rai and S B Rai contested and won the elections against the Sahakari Bharati candidates.

The Mangaluru subdivision Assistant Commissioner Returning officer Ravichandra Nayak announced the results of the elections.

Dr Rajendra Kumar further said, “The SCDCC bank has 114 years of history in DK and Udupi districts. From the past 25 years, I am serving as the president of this bank. Our team consists of 16 candidates who have won the elections against the candidates of Sahakari Bharati. I have not played any politics in the co-operative field, I have treated everyone equally. Now that the elections are over, all the co-operative societies are the same and will be treated equally. My aim is to bring common software for the co-operative banks which is used nationwide and will make it easy to waive the farmers’ loan. Now the bank is facing a lot of problems to waive the farmers’ loan”.