Driver Injured as Tractor overturns at Kallapu

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Driver Injured as Tractor overturns at Kallapu 

Mangaluru: A tractor driver was injured when a bus crashed into it resulting in the Tractor to overturn at Kallapu, here on November 4.

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The injured has been identified as Hanumantha.

Planting of saplings on the road median was in progress on National highway 66 at Kallapu. A Tractor involved in the work was parked near the median were labourers were planting saplings. The bus which was moving at high speed lost control, hit the tractor resulting in the tractor to overturn.

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Tractor Driver Hanumanth was injured in the incident. He has been shifted to the hospital in Kallapu.

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  1. The Tractor was obviously parked on the fast lane without any HAZARD signs
    placed at a safe distance to the rear of the Tractor, to alert any oncoming vehicle
    – inviting such a disaster, as one will notice in the above photographs, a saffron
    color cloth tied to a stick – which is a common sight of all those working on NH66,
    be it graders, mobile cranes, dozers, or dumpers.

    The traffic police should take to task such contractors and those at loss should
    demand full compensation. Only then these stupid people will learn how to work

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