Drones to fly in city to Ensure Safety during Tipu Jayanti

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Drones to fly in city to Ensure Safety during Tipu Jayanti

Mangaluru: The district administration has geared up for the celebration of Tipu Jayanti on November 10, and has taken all the necessary security measures for the smooth celebrations.


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On November 10, to ensure safety and security to the peace loving people of Mangaluru and to prevent mischief mongers from creating violence in the city, police commissioner Chandra Sekhar has taken all necessary measures, including using of Drone Cameras. 60 locations in the city have been installed with concealed CCTV cameras which have been connected to the police control room. To maintain law and order in the city jurisdiction, around 2000 police personnel have been deployed. Four high-resolution Drone cameras will be used to monitor certain locations.


A team from Bengaluru arrived in the city to handle the CCTV and to operate Drones for surveillance during the Tipu Jayanti celebrations. MD of Shachi Technology of Bengaluru Yathish speaking to mangalorean.com said, “This initiative has been taken by the police commissioner Chandra Sekhar. He had asked us to install CCTV cameras for surveillance during the Tipu Jayanti. Since we provide CCTV cameras to the Karnataka police, we are here to install CCTV cameras and take care of the surveillance. I have been here in Mangaluru from the past one week and installed 60 CCTV cameras at check posts and other locations to check miscreants entering the district from Kerala border and other places to cause trouble. We have installed CCTV cameras which can capture number plates of vehicles entering at all the important locations. Since the police commissioner wanted Drones to be used for surveillance, we are ready with four of them which are being tested today to send a message that we are watching and all movements will be recorded with high-resolution cameras, so that the celebrations of Tipu Jayanti will go on smoothly on November 10”.

Yathish further said, “This is the first time that the Drone cameras are used in Mangaluru to monitor the border with Kerala and other sensitive areas so that no untoward incident will take place during Tipu Jayanti. The police commissioner has taken all the measures to ensure the safety of the people. The cameras have been hired to take care of the security. Once fully charged the Drones can be in the air for nearly1.5 hours and can cover a wide area. We have already tested the Drones at Urva circle, Lalbagh circle and KSRTC bus stand, we will continue with the testing at the railway station, Hampankatta bus stand and Suratkal. Today’s exercise is to bring awareness to the people that the district administration has taken the safety and security of the people very seriously and that all measures are taken in this regard”.

The drones can fly up to a height of 200 ft and can capture high-resolution pictures and videos in a 2 km diameter with a 360-degree movement.

Vidhyuth Shetty and Roshan from Shachi Technology and other police personnel were also present.

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