Dubai: Thumbay Hospital Annual Healthy Baby Contest and Exhibition Attracts over 400 Babies

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Dubai: Thumbay Hospital successfully conducted the baby contest, an event focusing on effective parenting. Parents were asked about basic issues related to their children and educated them about parenting tips especially to the first time parents. New parents are often so anxious; they need to know what’s normal and when they should worry.

The Thumbay Annual Healthy Baby Contest & Exhibition 2015 was held on the 27th of February 2015 at the Thumbay Hospital, Dubai. Every year, the contest is held under the patronage of Thumbay Moideen, Founder President Thumbay Group UAE, promoters of GMC Hospitals and Gulf Medical University.

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Shabana Faisal, Vice Chairperson, KEF Holdings was the Chief Guest. Prof. Gita Ashok Raj, Provost Gulf Medical University was the Guest of Honour. They distributed the prizes to the winners in various categories of the contest. Thumbay Moideen, Akbar Moideen Thumbay, Director, Healthcare and Retail Thumbay Group and many dignitaries attended the event.

The selection of the ‘Healthy Baby’ was done according to the physical and mental growth, complete immunization, and general appearance of the child and parent’s knowledge about childcare. Over 400 children under 5 categories participated in the competition. The categories based on age were – from 3 months to 1 year, 1 to 2 years, 2 to 3 years, 3 to 4years and 4 to 5 years. Apart from prizes in five age group categories the participants also won prizes for – Curly Hair, Sparkling Eyes, Sunshine Smile and Chubby Cheeks.

Renowned pediatricians, apart from the experts at Thumbay Hospitals judged the participants. The contest helps to raise community awareness and to inculcate health and nutrition habits for children at an early age for a healthy living & good lifestyle. The contest also promotes health consciousness among mothers regarding different factors affecting the health of children and detecting ill health & sickness at early stages and also a personal and friendly interaction with our renowned doctors.

Apart from choosing a Healthy Baby, the judges have also talked to the parents about Parenting. Parents should be aware of the issues related to the growth, immunization, vaccination and taking care of their child’s normal growth. It involves understanding the child’s needs, which is crucial, says Prof. Mahmoud Shamseldeen, Professor and Head of Pediatrics Department at Thumbay Hospital Dubai, who was one of the judges. We talk to parents and advise them about the basics of parenting. Especially to first time parents, it is very important to know their child better. New parents are often so anxious; they need to know what’s normal and when they should worry, he added.

There was an online voting photo contest for babies from 3 months to five years. Over 600 children participated in this category, and the top ten winners based on highest votes were given special prizes.

This year’s edition was the biggest and most memorable event for children and their parents.

Over 48 companies and organizations have supported the event. Past events have been of remarkable success with an attendance of over 2500. The popularity of this event amongst the parents & children has inspired us to get much bigger and better this year, and we recorded a participation of over 3500 this year, said one of the organizing committee members.


3 Months – 1 Year: Sunshine Smile: – Mackneil Banz, Chubby Cheeks: – Anas Mustafa, Sparkling eyes: – Azlaan Najeeb, Curly Hair: – Hibah Farhan, 3rd Prize: – Sreehari Gopakumar, 2nd Prize: – Sarah Antony Jose, 1st Prize: – Samuel Varghese

1 year – 2 year: Sunshine Smile: – Saanvi Chouraria, Chubby Cheeks: – MD Abdul Adnan, Sparkling eyes: – KrishivKrishiv, Curly Hair: – Pilar Ahmed Shetta, 3rd Prize: – KabirSethi, 2nd Prize: – Sara Waqar, 1st Prize: – Syeda Fatima Mehwish

2 year – 3 year: Sunshine Smile: – Yuval Sodhi, Chubby Cheeks: Chloe Sales, Sparkling eyes: – Avantika, Curly Hair: – Omar Boutaya, 3rd Prize: – IramTehzeeb, 2nd Prize: – JibraanJibraan, 1st Prize: – RosemariyaJijo

3 year – 4 year: Sunshine Smile: – Sloka Chandra, Chubby Cheeks: – SyedaFathima Abbas, Sparkling eyes: –   ZehranRamshi, Curly Hair: – ChahadBoutaya, 3rd Prize: –   Aisha Waqar, 2nd Prize: – Eva Jose, 1st Prize: – Hamad AamirBaig

4 year – 5 year: Sunshine Smile: –   Niranjana Rakesh Bhagvathy, Chubby Cheeks: – Pearl Shah, Sparkling eyes: – ShafanaShamsudeen, Curly Hair: – Faizah Al Naggar, 3rd Prize: – MohdNahyaan Shaikh, 2nd Prize: – Arhaan Ali Merchant, 1st Prize: – GaurikaGarika

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