Durgamba Bus Driver and Cleaner Assault Software Engineer

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Bengaluru: A Software Engineer from Manipal was assaulted by the driver and cleaner of Durgamba bus at Sheshadripuram, Bengaluru on April 22.

The injured youth has been identified as Vivek Shetty from Manipal.



According to Vivek Shetty, he had booked a ticket to Manipal from Bengaluru on Durgamba Travels. He was supposed to board the bus at 7:15 pm from the electronic city but the bus did not arrive. Vivek called the Durgamba office and enquired about the bus. When the office staff said to contact the bus driver Mohan, the driver asked him to come to Sheshadripuram to board the bus. Accordingly Vivek took an auto and went to Sheshadripuram. When he boarded the bus, the seat which he had booked was already occupied by someone else and he was not given the seat even after requesting several times. When Vivek refused to take the other seat, the driver of the bus asked him to alight from the bus. As soon as Vivek got down from the bus, the cleaner of the bus Vijay secured Vivek’s both hands and the driver assaulted him asking why he had complained to the office.

After assaulting Vivek the driver and the cleaner left Vivek at Sheshadripuram bus stop and continued their journey. Vivek went to the police station to file a complaint and went to the hospital for treatment. Vivek was to attend a family function in Manipal on April 23, but unfortunately, he was unable to travel on April 22.



A case has been registered in the Sheshadripuram Police station.

Some of the bus drivers and cleaners think that they can do anything with the passengers and get away. The transport authorities should provide safety to the passengers and strict action should be taken against the driver and the cleaner of the bus so that other passengers should not be victims of goonda bus drivers.

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  1. One can’t rule out the role of alcohol in this case. I have personally witnessed bangalore-mangalore bus crew (driver and cleaner) downing a few drinks before hitting the highway!!On a different occasion, I had the misfortune of travelling in a bus, this time a govt bus, only to realize that the Bus driver was a frequent visitor to a roadside brothel near Holenarasipura!! He stopped the bus and gave us 15 mins break to grab coffee/snacks while he ran into a house only to return after 30 mins!! I remember how it made Conductor very upset resulting in a heated argument – That’s how the passengers sitting at the front row came to know the ‘secret’!! LOL The mangaluru-Mysore train travels were also full of such funny, strange incidents – from thieves, drunkards to desperate homosexuals!! Oh man – India is something!! LOL

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