Duty of Government to Ensure Smooth Brahmakalashotsava – MLA Lobo

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Duty of Government to Ensure Smooth Brahmakalashotsava – MLA Lobo

Mangaluru: MLA J R Lobo held a meeting of representatives from various departments regarding the Brahmakalashotsava at Soorya Narayana Temple, Maroli here, on April 7.

Speaking on this occasion Lobo said, “Soorya Narayana Temple will celebrate Brahmakalashotsava from 17 to 26 April and more than a lakh devotees will come over to take part in this event. It is the duty of the government to look after the smooth functioning of the event. I want every department and committee to do its duty and not fumble at the last moment.”

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He further said, “If any mishap takes place during these 10 days, then it will surely bring a bad name to the city and the administration. It is therefore very important that all precautions be taken during the celebrations of Brahmakalashotsava.”

We have instructed the traffic and police department to survey the area and make suitable arrangements for parking the vehicles. “Place signboards directing traffic to the parking place and make sure that the security for VIP’s is adequate,” Lobo said.

The Fire personnel assured that a vehicle will be stationed at the temple premises from 22 to 25 April and all safety measures will be taken care of. Lobo asked the MESCOM officials to make sure that no overhead power lines would cause any problems. “There may be a danger due to rain and wind. I want MESCOM officials to take care of the power issue and there should not be any power disruption during the celebrations,” Lobo added.

image008brahmakalashotsava-soorya-narayana-temple-20160407-008 image009brahmakalashotsava-soorya-narayana-temple-20160407-009 image010brahmakalashotsava-soorya-narayana-temple-20160407-010 image011brahmakalashotsava-soorya-narayana-temple-20160407-011 image012brahmakalashotsava-soorya-narayana-temple-20160407-012 image013brahmakalashotsava-soorya-narayana-temple-20160407-013 image014brahmakalashotsava-soorya-narayana-temple-20160407-014 image015brahmakalashotsava-soorya-narayana-temple-20160407-015

Representative from the Health department said that on 22 and 25 April, two doctors, staff nurses, and two ambulances will be stationed at the premises to provide medical assistance to the devotees. On the other days, when the devotees are less, a doctor, staff nurses and an ambulance will available for any medical assistance. Fogging and spraying the area will be done with the help of MCC and drinking water will be tested for consumption. “Make arrangements to build temporary toilets and ensure cleanliness of the surroundings,” Lobo said.

Drinking water will be pumped at night from a source in Nagori and an exclusive tanker will be deployed to supply water to the temple premises. “When you pump water, be sure that adequate supply of water to other areas is also not affected,” Lobo said.

image016brahmakalashotsava-soorya-narayana-temple-20160407-016 image017brahmakalashotsava-soorya-narayana-temple-20160407-017



Lobo asked the development cell to undertake the repair of roads leading to the temple. “The small patch of Pumpwell to Padil road is taking too long to be built. I want the road to be open to the public during the Brahmakalashotsava, we can resume the work later,” Lobo said. He also directed the officials to check the rain water drains so that incase of heavy rains, the rainwater would clear easily.

Mayor Harinath said, “We have discussed all the issues and I am confident that the function will run smoothly. The City Corporation is always ready to support such events and I expect all departments to participate with enthusiasm to make the Brahmakalashotsava a success.”

Corporators, Appi, Asha, Praveen Chandra Alva and others were also present.

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Original R.Pai
8 years ago

Dakshina Kannada’s obsession with ‘brahma kalashotsava’ and ‘naagaaraadhane’ that started around 20 yrs ago is lately spinning out of control. Oh well…