Dwayne Johnson hopes Indians will have fun watching ‘Baywatch’

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Dwayne Johnson hopes Indians will have fun watching ‘Baywatch’
Mumbai, June 1 (IANS) After “Baywatch” got not-so-encouraging reviews internationally, Hollywood actor Dwayne Johnson and actress Priyanka Chopra are excited about the film’s release in India.

Indian actor Varun Dhawan was impressed by the film, and tweeted: “‘Baywatch’ is fun in the sand. Dwayne Johnson brings the humour like only he can and Priyanka Chopra is badass. I laughed throughout.”

To this, Johnson responded: “Thank you brother! Me and Priyanka Chopra talked about how much you (and India) will enjoy the movie. Fun is the key word. ‘Baywatch’.”

Varun, who is a fan of Johnson, tweeted: “Definitely India is going to have great time watching ‘Baywatch’.”

Priyanka has made her Hollywood debut with “Baywatch”, which has been adapted from the 1990s’ popular TV series of the same name.

She re-tweeted a video from her team’s account, where Varun is seen talking about “Baywatch”.

“Priyanka we are sending you lots and lots of love from here from India. I have watched the film and it’s really really funny. And even though it is censored in India, it’s still damn funny,” Varun said in the video.

Directed by Seth Gordon, the film also stars Zac Efron, Alexandra Daddario, Kelly Rohrbach and Jon Bass.

The film has released internationally and fared very poorly with critics — many described the film as “shallow”, “stupid”, “misguided”, and “wantonly crude”.

But it hasn’t dampened the spirits of the film’s team. They are busy promoting the movie in Berlin and London.

“Baywatch” will be hitting the screens in India on Friday.

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