DySP Ganapathi’s Final Rites Held in Rangasamudra

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DySP Ganapathi’s Final Rites Held in Rangasamudra

Madikeri: M K Ganapathi, serving as a deputy superintendent of police (DySP) in the office of the inspector general of police (IGP), western range, Mangaluru, had ended his life in a lodge here around Thursday afternoon.

His family was informed immediately. The police arrived on the spot on receiving the news. The DySP could be seen hanging through the window, but they had to wait for the family members to arrive from Mangaluru, where they live in an apartment in Bijai new road.


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His wife and two sons rushed here late in the night. Thereafter the body was taken to the hospital for a post-mortem examination. As his body was being taken to Kushalnagar, there were huge crowds on Friday.

The scene took a political colour here with BJP and ABVP workers demanding action against a minister and two top police officials from the state. Ganapathi had not only named them in his death note as responsible for his death, but also visited a local TV channel’s office in uniform and given an interview.

In his parting statement he made the same allegation as in the death note. The TV channel crew had not even the faintest idea that he would walk straight back to the lodge and hang himself.

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Roads were blocked for some time. Virajpet MLA and former speaker K G Bopaiah and Madikeri MLA M P Appachu Ranjan led the protests.

The body was taken to Ganapathi’s native village of Rangasamudra in Somwarpet taluk on Friday afternoon. When the last reports came, the mortal remains were taken to his father Kushalappa’s farm in the village.

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Police officials offered floral respects and salutes. Gunfire salute was also given as demanded by his police rank. The final rites were held according to Kodava tradition, including private gunfire shots.

People assembled in large numbers at the house. The police are having a tough time in controlling the situation.

Pics Ramachandra / IMPACT

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  1. Original
    When a baby has to be taught you have to come down to that baby level. BTW please dont see the world with a mirror &; dont blame the world. Its ur own image You are seeing.

  2. Look at Nicholas is looking at this incident purely from his religious lens. How is Nicholas different from a ‘rank holder’ who posted insensitive remarks on Traci incident? Both are despicable characters who decide value of a human life purely based on religious affiliation. Disgusting!!!

  3. Mr. Nicholas,

    You may be right, as you are from that region and know things much better than me. I concede.

    However, in I.P.S. if you wish to become a Commissioner of Police of a large city or metropolis or D.G.P., you have to be a toadie and His Master’s Voice of the Chief Minister and Home Minister concerned. There are allegations that either one has to be that or pay hefty sums to get a plum posting. The same may be very much applicable to Superintendents of Police, etc.

    Many years ago, I came across an official in one of the top brass’ office and while departing I said, “Thank you very much for your help and by the way what is your good name?” I forget his first name, but his surname was that of a Maharashtrian Brahman and he said he was Sr. Superintendent of Police. I reckoned, he may have been in his late 50s and due for retirement. I felt, he may retire on the same rank. He may have been an upright officer and that is why he did not make much headway and working like a Head Clerk in one of the headquarters.

    In the first half of the first decade of the turn of this century, I was told that the Commissioner of Police of that time would touch the feets of his political masters, the moment he saw them.

  4. Nelson Lewis
    Don’t forget he was directly involved in Pub attack,Church attack etc & also pocketing money which was seized from thieves.So if he was upright,Honest & transparent as you said he wouldn’t have been killed. So before coming to conclusion please check the history of this person & not base on media report. Difference between CBI & CID is one is controlled by state & other by central. As he was Chamcha of BJP it is better CID investigate

  5. Things appear to be very bad in Karnataka under the Chief Minister, Siddaramaiah, who is obsessed with VIP culture, has an inflated ego and feels he is a Tsar and acts like the way a feudal lord behaves with his tenants. Under his tenure, the police machinery is in a mess. Why cannot he get that Home Minister, K.J. George, sacked?

    A thorough investigation has to be done by C.B.I. and not the State C.I.D., who will carry out their political masters biddings and sweep everything under the rug.

    I have always maintained that government employment, including police, is not meant for honest people working as per their conscience and serving the people. The Government does not expect employees to serve the people, but serve their professional and political masters and help them to make money through dubious ways. So what, underlings can also make some money in the process?

    If bureaucrats and government employees, be it in Central or those of various State Governments, been transparent, honest and upright and been united and banded together to fight evil practices, the ministers and politicians would have been wary, worked hard with fright and one would not have heard of scandals, irregularities and corrupt practices.

    I extend my deepest sympathies to the family and near-and-dear ones of the Deputy Superintendent of Police, M.K. Ganapathi and may Almighty God, our Supreme Creator, please help and guide them in these difficult times.

    On the electronic media, I happened to listen to his interaction with the journalists and reporters and I got the impression that he lacked the arrogance, swagger and the rough veneer that most police officers display. I felt he was in a wrong profession and I can only utter the Urdu words, “Razia, goondon mey fas gayey.”

  6. A sad case, indeed. Those found guilty of harassing the deceased officer must be brought to book.

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