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In a festive tribute to the resurrection of Jesus, more than 350 Mangaloreans from various regions of the United Kingdom gathered at The Cotgrave Club Hall on March 31st, 2024, uniting as a single family for a joyous Easter celebration. This event was organised by the Mangalorean United Konkani Association (MUKA) of Nottingham, UK.

The day commenced with a solemn Konkani mass led by Rev. Fr Valerian Castellino and Rev. Fr Lawrence Noronha, with the altar adorned by MUKA members. Mr Arvin D’Souza and his team staged a captivating portrayal of the resurrection of Jesus from the tomb, leaving the audience in awe. Within this solemn ambiance, Rev. Fr. Lawrence Noronha’s homily echoed with profound significance, stressing the pivotal role of individuals as luminaries of faith within their familial contexts. He eloquently drew parallels to the symbolism of the Paschal candle’s light, which radiated throughout the congregation during the mass, signifying the dissemination of faith and hope to others.

The enchanting choir, under the direction of Mr Deepak Alvares, Miss Averil Alvares, and Mr Bryan Miranda, resonated throughout the hall, enriched by the remarkable voices of MUKA members. Adding depth to the choir’s performance were MUKA’s emerging musicians, including Averil and Ethan Alvares on violin, Erica D’Souza on flute, and Alrica Sequeira, Sophia Lobo, Daisy D’Souza, Jaylia D’Souza, Sandrea Lobo and Callista Sequeira on keyboard.

The proceeds collected from the Eucharistic celebration were earmarked to benefit the De Mercede Orphanage in Panir, Mangalore. This institution, known for its unwavering dedication, tirelessly provides education and shelter to underprivileged children, thus embodying the essence of compassion and generosity.

Following the religious observances, Sachin Fernandes and Bryan Miranda skillfully took on the roles of hosts, guiding the audience through a captivating cultural program brimming with talent and creativity. The program opened with a graceful welcome dance, elegantly performed by Jenifer Fernandes, Christina Sequeira, and Elaine Lewis, setting the tone for the festivities to come.

In a grand gesture, the President of MUKA, Godfrey Sequeira, extended a warm welcome to all attendees, marking the commencement of the extravagant celebration. Subsequently, the revered priests were escorted to the stage and honoured with tokens of appreciation. Following suit, accolades were bestowed upon the presidents of KCA Manchester and SKA London, alongside the generous sponsors who had graciously supported the event. The Vice President of MUKA, Shalini Pinto, expressed heartfelt gratitude in a vote of thanks. To add an element of excitement, the event also featured a raffle draw, skillfully conducted by Godfrey Sequeira, further enhancing the festive atmosphere.

Following that, the stage came alive with the vibrant performances of MUKA’s talented youngsters – Aiden, Jovial, Vianca, Carita, Livia, Callista, Daisy, Jaylia, and Sophia. They delighted the audience with a captivating fusion of English, Konkani, Telugu, and Bollywood songs, expertly choreographed by Callista, Sophia, Jenifer, and Christina. Additionally, the program was further enriched by a humorous skit ‘Robatachi Bobat’ performed in Konkani, showcasing the versatility of actors John, Stany, and Flossy, eliciting uproarious laughter from the audience.

As the day unfolded, a high-energy fusion dance ensued, featuring Deepak, Arvin, Johnson, Anson, John, Godfrey, Sachin, Bryan, Vincy, Chrystle, Jessica, Sunitha, Jenifer, Christina, Lydia, Prithika, Anitha Alvares, and Anitha Sequeira. This electrifying performance was supported by the enthusiastic participation of teens and kids including Callista, Daisy, Jaylia, Sophia, Aaron, Jennifer, Jesvita, Hailey, Chrishelle, Livia, and Carita. The dance was choreographed by Jenifer and Christina.

A lavish lunch featuring MUKA members’ signature coastal delicacies left guests completely satisfied, with the traditional dish ‘Vorn’ emerging as the most beloved item on the menu. Amidst the lunchtime festivities, the air was filled with melodious singing performances by Jovial and Shwetha, alongside captivating duets featuring Sachin & Jenifer, Deepak & Averil, and Elaine’s vocals harmonizing with Carita’s dance. These performances added to the delightful ambiance of the occasion.

Afternoon festivities began with yet another comedy act ‘Machine Singapore’ by Arvin, Vincy, Stany, Johnson, Bryan, Jovial, Daisy, Anson, and Lydia. Their comedic talents kept the audience thoroughly entertained.

The festive atmosphere was maintained at a high level by a captivating Bollywood/Tollywood/Sandalwood Bhangra fusion dance performed by the teenage members of the KCA UK team: Shanelle, Reshal, Riana, Sarah, Richelle, and Raizel.

Afterward, the stage was illuminated by the dazzling performance of MUKA’s dancing stars: Aiden, Ethan, Alroy, Jack, Sohan, Alrica, Erica, Freya, Cristal, Sandrea, Averil, Jennifer, Jesvita, Sophie and Hailey. Their dynamic choreography, overseen by Alrica, Hailey, Freya, and Jack added an extra layer of excitement and charm to the event.

The highlight of the event was the “Enamma Hudugi” performance by MUKA members, stealing the spotlight with over 20 participants taking the stage. This heartwarming performance evoked nostalgic memories of romance from the 90s, leaving a lasting impression on the audience.

Concluding the festivities, attendees tested their luck in a lively game of housie-housie facilitated by Elaine, Reshal, Stany, and Naveen, eliciting enthusiastic participation from the crowd. The event reached its climax with the traditional “Live Baila Blast,” igniting a burst of energy as everyone danced to the groovy music.

MUKA extends its heartfelt gratitude to all the sponsors, participants, and supporters whose contributions made the day truly memorable. Special thanks are also extended to the members of KCA Manchester and SKA London for their invaluable support.

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