EC Has no Rights to Remove ‘Mein Bhi Chowkidar Stickers’ – MLA Vedavyas

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EC Has no Rights to Remove Mein Bhi Chowkidar Stickers – MLA Vedavyas

Mangaluru: “Since the last few days, in the midst of this Lok Sabha Elections, the Congress candidates are making allegations on the BJP. The Congress Election office is located in a bar owner’s building. This symbolizes the Congress candidate. In Mangaluru, a person who runs a bar & wine shop in Bendorewell has an under-construction building there. This is where the Congress election office is located. Congress is showing its culture to the people. This Bendorewell building belongs to one Mr Pinto. This incomplete building does not have a completion certificate. Still, Congress has kept their election office there. The message this sends is that Congress has no culture. Yet they talk about our culture and legacy”, said BJP MLA Vedavyas Kamath at a press meet held at the BJP Election Office on April 4.

Addressing the mediapersons Vedavyas Kamath said, “Today, many Congress candidates and workers spoke about Nalin Kumar Kateel. But they should have known a few matters before talking. With regard to the Gandhi family’s constituency Amethi, Rahul Gandhi has received the 350th position. I am not comparing Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Rahul Gandhi. I am comparing MP Nalin Kumar Kateel and Rahul Gandhi. In five years, MP Kateel has brought Rs 16,500 crore worth of projects to our district. How much has Rahul Gandhi given to Amethi?” questioned the BJP MLA.

He further said, “Some of the Congress leaders should learn about these issues before raising allegations. In the whole of India, Mangalore is the only city to receive the Smart City benefits as well as Amrith Yojana. But these programmes must be implemented by the State Government. The Smart City initiative must be implemented by the State Govt and the Amrith Yojana must be implemented by the Congress Corporation. Both of them have failed to do this.”

He also said, “Ignoring all these issues, Congress (which is afraid of losing the elections in spite of spending a lot of money) is wrongly complaining about us to the ECI. Six months ago, we had gone and stuck stickers like “Namo Mane” on houses. The people don’t have a problem with this. But the Congress is complaining and asking that the stickers be removed. Many vehicle owners have “Main Bhi Chowkidar” stickers on their vehicles. But there is no BJP symbol on these stickers. There is no photo of Narendra Modi or Amit Shah on these stickers. Still, they (Congress) are complaining that the vehicles should be stopped and the stickers removed.”

However, when asked if the BJP does not want the votes of people who visit bars and consume alcohol, he said, “Before the Congress points fingers at others, they should look at themselves. Having an election office in a building without a completion certificate, where a bar license could be availed, simply shows their mindset.”

When asked about “Chowkidar Chor Hai” stickers found in Udupi, the MLA reversed his position and said that such stickers have a negative connotation towards actual chowkidars and therefore is against the law.

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