‘Election Bond’ Biggest Corruption in Country’s History: Sudhir Kumar Murolli

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‘Election Bond’ Biggest Corruption in Country’s History: Sudhir Kumar Murolli

Udupi: State Congress spokesperson Sudhir Kumar Murolli has opined that the Electoral Bond revealed in the Supreme Court’s order is the biggest corruption in the history of the country.

Speaking to the media persons in Udupi on March 20, Sudhir Kumar Murolli said, “The Supreme Court has taken a bold step in the electoral bond issue and has revealed the truth before the people of the country. I congratulate the Supreme Court for this.”

Further, he said that it has been revealed from the information so far that CBI, ED, and IT have raided various companies and institutions of the country, by threatening them and obtaining bonds worth thousands of crores.

The fact that the BJP, which always chants patriotism, has received a donation from a Pakistani company shows its true patriotism. It is known in the information that so far most of the poor companies in the country have donated to the BJP.

According to eminent lawyers Prashant Bhushan and Kapil Sibal, who are arguing in the Supreme Court in this matter. The Bharatiya Janata Party has received 90% of the donation in the 2018-19 election bonds has not been revealed so far.

Sudhir Kumar expressed confidence that if all the information sought by the SBI is given tomorrow as per the deadline given by the Supreme Court, more information on corruption will be revealed.

When Arun Jaitley was the finance minister, many amendments to the Donation Act were introduced. The corruption came to light in the Supreme Court due to a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) filed by the Association for Democracy Reforms and the CPM, he said.

He said that out of the 30 major companies in the country that bought the bonds, 14 companies were raided by the ED, IT or CBI before buying the bonds.

Election bonds were brought through Pakistan and donated to the BJP. Also, it has been proved that the party received donations from the company which caused the death of 41 workers in the recent tunnel collapse disaster. Chennai’s Lottery King Martin, which showed a profit of Rs 220 crore, also contributed in crores to the BJP. The donation is also proof of corruption, he said.

I am also an aspirant for a Congress ticket in the Udupi-Chikkamagaluru Lok Sabha constituency. I will remain an aspirant until the name of the party candidate is announced. Once the name of the party candidate is announced, I will work for the party candidate. All this happens as part of internal party democracy.

Speaking about BJP candidate Kota Srinivas Poojary, Maroli said, Kota is a senior party leader. He has Cabinet-level status and responsibility as the Leader of the Opposition in the Legislative Council. It is his constitutional responsibility to work for the people. But the BJP has given tickets to those who did not ask. Kota Srinivas Poojary is given a ticket instead of Pramod Madhwaraj, CT Ravi, Udayakumar Shetty or Haladi Srinivas Shetty of Kundapur who asked for a ticket. Kota Srinivas Poojary got this opportunity because of confusion within the BJP. But even if he loses, he has a constitutional post. Let him manage it, he said.

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