My elimination ‘unfair, forceful’: Kishwar Merchant

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Mumbai, Jan 9 (IANS) Hours after walking out of the Bigg Boss Season 9 with Rs.15 lakh, Kishwar Merchant termed her elimination as an “unfair task” and “forceful”.

Kishwar, who was in a neck-to-neck battle with Prince Narula in the Ticket to Finale task, gave it up in its last leg and walked out of the house with a good sum of money.

“It was totally an unfair task. Either of us had to go home despite being the strong contenders. Of course, I got the money, but I would not have felt this bad had I been eliminated through a normal procedure,” she told IANS.

“…this was forceful. It was a very difficult decision for me to take.”

“We both were strong… But I know Prince has a huge fan following. So, if we had gone to the finale, his winning probability was five percent more than me,” Kishwar said.

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