Ellie Gourding friends with pornstar Jessie Andrews

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Los Angeles, March 24 (IANS) Singer Ellie Goulding has become good friends with American porn star Jessie Andrews and has shared photographs of them spending time together over the last few months.

The singer appeared to have got close to the adult star and has recently shared images of the two working out and laughing together.

According to The Sun, former American Apparel model Jessie turned to porn aged just 18 and has starred in hundreds of adult films since, reports mirror.co.uk.

It comes shortly after Goulding signed a deal to model for sports brand Nike – whose slogan is “Just Do It”.

“Nike is massively conscious about its image and Ellie’s choice of pal might not be up their street,” a source told the newspaper.

The pair reportedly met at a boot camp in Los Angeles, with Goulding carrying on with her vigorous fitness regime.

Andrews, who writes a sex advice column for a magazine posted a photograph of the pair together at the start of this month, and Goulding added her own on Tumblr.

Andrews Instagram profile page shows a stream of nude and racy images.

“Ellie and Jessie get on really well. Ellie is very broadminded and won’t be put off just because someone is a porn model. She is very spiritual and believes people should follow whatever path makes them happy.

“Jessie isn’t your average silicone-implanted porn star. She does lots of other things including being a very popular club DJ so she and Ellie have a lot more in common than people might initially think,” the source added.

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