Emotional Start: Sunita Kejriwal’s roadshow for LS polls highlights husband’s plight

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Emotional Start: Sunita Kejriwal’s roadshow for LS polls highlights husband’s plight

New Delhi:  Sunita Kejriwal on Saturday held a roadshow in the East Delhi Lok Sabha constituency in what was viewed as an exercise aimed also at building a political narrative surrounding her husband Arvind Kejriwal’s incarceration, apart from kicking off the campaign for the Parliamentary polls in the national capital.

Following Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s imprisonment and the INDIA bloc rallies at Ramlila Maidan and Ranchi’s JSCA Stadium, Sunita Kejriwal’s roadshow served as a continuation of efforts to garner public sympathy and support amid challenging political circumstances.

Her public appearance on the roads of the national capital represented an attempt to evoke empathy and solidarity among the public for her husband’s plight, leveraging emotional resonance as a strategic tool in the political arena.

By taking her message directly to the streets of Delhi, Sunita Kejriwal sought to humanise the narrative surrounding her husband’s imprisonment, emphasising the personal and familial impact of his incarceration on their lives.

The roadshow, following high-profile rallies some time back, indicated a concerted effort to sustain momentum and public attention on the issue, amplifying the visibility of Arvind Kejriwal’s situation within the broader political discourse amid the campaign for the Lok Sabha elections.

While seeking votes for AAP candidate Kuldeep Kumar from East Delhi Lok Sabha seat, Sunita Kejriwal’s direct engagement with the public through the road show also apparently fostered a sense of connection and empathy, encouraging dialogue and support for her husband’s cause among electors, feel political analysts.

The roadshow served as a powerful platform for Sunita Kejriwal to convey a nuanced political message, blending personal narrative with larger themes of justice, accountability, and democratic values.

By positioning herself as a vocal advocate for her husband’s cause, Sunita Kejriwal also apparently sought to reinforce her role as a key figure within the AAP leadership, while also projecting an image of resilience and determination amidst adversity.

Meanwhile, Sunita Kejriwal standing near Kuldeep Kumar off the sunroof of the car, was seen reciprocating to the greetings of the people gathered on both sides of the road.

She raised only one question in an emotional tone, “What was the fault of Arvind ji that he was put in jail? He was not allowed insulin dosages for several days. Was it that they wanted to eliminate him?”

She said that Arvind Kejriwal has been suffering from diabetes for the last 12 years.

“He takes insulin daily. After going to jail, he was not allowed to take insulin shots for quite some time. Do these people want to eliminate them? What is his fault?” she asked.

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