Enter ‘Cute Kid Contest’ hosted by MCom, V4 News, Ideal by Nov 5

Enter ‘Cute Kid Contest’ hosted by MCom, V4 News, Ideal by Nov 5

Sooooo Cute! Mangalorean.com in association with V4 TV channel and Ideal Ice Cream will be organizing ‘The Cute Kid Contest” to mark Children’s Day which is celebrated on November 14. The last date to submit your entries is Nov 5, 2016. Win attractive prizes. Prize distribution on Nov 13 at Ideal Cafe, Mangaluru.

Mangaluru: After the successful contests like the “Mother and daughter Look-Alike” Contest; “Father and Child Look-Alike Contest”, Team Mangalorean has come out with yet another unique contest called “The Cute Kid Contest”, where the best and cute looking kids will be judged and crowned on November 14, which is Children’s Day, also the Birthday of India’s first prime Minister Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru, fondly referred as chacha!


We think it’s the best online photo contest to select the best-looking kid, and if you have a cute kid and are interested in providing them with the most opportunities when they grow up, including modeling, acting and other paying jobs, then you need to consider entering. Winning this contest will help them add an extra credit to their resume! The contest costs are absolutely nothing to enter, but you get a Free Birthday Wishes advertisements for the Winning Kids in Mangalorean.com for Two Years, apart from lovely gifts and cash prizes. Plus all of the photos submitted are reviewed by professionals looking for new talent. So if your child is as cute as you think they are, doesn’t it make sense to Enter “The Cute Kid Contest Today!”

The Cute Kid Contest will be well organized and all of the pictures submitted will be reviewed and carefully judged by professional judges, who are in the field of acting, modelling, theatre, and fashion industry. There will be three categories in ‘The Cute Kid Contest’ which will accept photos of kids up to 2 years of age; 2-5 years of age; and 5-7 years of age. We thought if you submit more than one picture, you have a better chance of winning!-so we are requesting you to submit three photos taken in different positions/poses.


Apart from judging done by our professional judges who have years of industry experience spotting talent and selecting fresh faces, we will also have online voting starting during the first week of November, where you can vote for your favorite kid. You can improve your chances of winning by getting your friends and family to vote. So what are you waiting for, we know that you have a bunch of pictures taken of your kids recently-send them in and your kid could be one of the Cutest Kid around!

But since the selection is based on the clarity and perfection of the picture, here are a few tips on how to submit photos to be judged for the contest. Here is what the judges are looking for. Can the judges see the kid’s face? If not, then how can they judge your kid’s appearance? If you have taken your cutie to a photo studio, chances are they have several shots of your child looking at a prop of some sort. These are no doubt cute pictures but opt for the shot of your child looking at the camera. Close up facial shots are eye catching. Your kid is indeed a cutie, let the judges see that. Make sure no editing is done by the photographer at the studio?


If you are a First time parent, you have probably taken too many photos to keep track of. Sorting through your tons of pictures can be a breeze if you follow this next suggestion. If it has a lot of background, move on. Family vacation/picnic photos with your little standing next to ten cartoon characters won’t work. All the background distracts the eye away from the main subject- your little one. Pictures with background are okay, as long as the main focus is your child. For example, a child swimming in a pool would be good as long as the child takes up more picture than the pool water. The pool water is all one color and your child’s bright face and bathing suit colors are sure to bring the eye right to your darling. Let the photo that you submit focuses more on your child.

Focusing on the baby is really important. While keeping background to a minimal is important, so is making your child the main subject. Make judging as easy as possible by keeping pictures simple. We know you have a dozen shots with your baby wearing huge sunglasses, daddy’s cricket hat, mommy’s jewelry, or a drama act picture. Photos with props truly are cute, but they are not always suitable for Kid photo contests. Props that hide your baby’s face make it hard for judges to see the true beauty of your baby. The key is to enhance, not hide their cute faces.


For instance, wearing daddy’s hat is okay as long as its to the side or back where the judges and online voters can see the kid’s face. Drama costumes or that require facial makeup, is not helping your kid win. So its advisable to send clear photos. Photos that are dark are pretty useless. You are not giving yourself a fair judging chance. Red Eyes do not make appealing photos. Pictures taken from a far away distance, can’t help judges see the child’s face. So with these few tips as to what and how to submit the photos, now
You can enter the Cute Kid Contest!

Official Rules for Cute Kid Photo Contest 2016

The rules govern the Cute Kid Photo Contest 2016 which is being organized by Mangalorean.com , V4 News and Ideal Ice Cream

– No editing of Photos

– Photos should be in 8 X 12 inches (3 photos in different poses)

– No entry fee

– Entries should include Contestant date of birth , Parents name address and phone number

– The last date to submit entries: November 5, 2016

Send the entries by email to: contest@mangalorean.com

or by post to :

Mangalore Media Company
Room # 03, Milagres Mansion Building
Falnir Road, Hampankatta
Mangaluru – 575001

For More Details Contact : 0824-4252851; 7204433635; 9845841851

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