‘Entourage’ soundtrack out in June

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Los Angeles, May 29 (IANS) The soundtrack of “Entourage”, the much anticipated big screen version of the award winning hit HBO series of the same name, will release in June. It also has a track by Grammy winner Pharrell Williams.

“Entourage” creator Doug Ellin, who wrote, directed and produced the film, teamed up once again with music supervisor Scott Vener, whose musical selections played an important part in the TV series.

“Music has always been an integral part of ‘Entourage’ and the movie is no different. The music itself, like the boys and like Los Angeles, is another character that we hope the audience falls in love with,” Ellin said in a statement.

The “Entourage” soundtrack will be available digitally on June 1 and physically on Sony Music on June 15.

“My favourite part about the music of ‘Entourage’ is having the ability to play any genre of music without it feeling out of place,” says Vener, who meticulously chose the music for the film and also produced the soundtrack.

Vener’s diverse song choices for the album include the ‘Entourage’ theme song, “Superhero” by Jane’s Addiction, “Figure It Out” by Royal Blood, and “Hunter” by Williams.

Williams, who has a cameo in the film, jokes: “I love the movie…and they told me not to wear the hat.”

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