Everything about Weddings in Saudi Arabia

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Everything about Weddings in Saudi Arabia

The way of life people live in Saudi Arabia is drastically different from European or American one. Different aspects have different perspectives, but historical development in Saudi Arabia presupposes that even a worldwide unified event, such as a wedding, is a whole other thing as well. An Arabian wedding is a spectacular event, very rich and flamboyant, and it definitely has every hint of Eastern mentality.

● What is the first thing you notice during their weddings?

The first thing that differs drastically is the way of celebration which is secluded for both sexes. For example, if you are the groom, then all of your friends and relatives, as well as all males have to celebrate the wedding at one place, while the aunt of the bride together with all of her female friends and relatives have to celebrate in another building.

● What about the food?

Tables in the male and female room are literally breaking down from all the heaviness of delicious dishes. Sometimes a family can spend about $2,000 to $3,000 depending on their income. Sometimes even more. When it comes to alcohol, it is strictly forbidden, but Arabic coffee is very popular here. As a rule, the main dish on a wedding table in Saudi Arabia is Kabsa – a popular food made of lamb and rice.

● What’s fun during the male celebration?

The way grooms celebrate a wedding resembles a bachelor party, except it doesn’t have any alcohol and sex workers. But it doesn’t influence guests’ mood in any way. After people are full, they start dancing a traditional Bedouin dance with swords.

● What about females?

If you look into the bride’s room, it looks far more luxurious then the groom’s room. And the bride herself looks more than wonderful, changing up to 5 outfits during the wedding, showing the generosity of her future husband because all of the financial issues are sorted out by her man. Because there are no men in the female wedding room, brides are allowed to take off their hijabs and wear dresses, showing some parts of their bodies, as well as massive golden jewelry. Singers are obliged to be present at the wedding. Any singer, actually, because the more well-known and expensive a performer, the better and more impressive the party will be.

● Secret parties

Because sexual segregation is legal, secluded parties are the only option. Secluded means not only two rooms but two buildings and sometimes different days. The only thing that is common between two weddings is that they start at midnight and continue all night till morning. The male party never sees the bride, but during the female party, two newlyweds are sometimes allowed.

● Three ceremonies

First two ceremonies are intended to be held for the newlyweds’ families. Two older generations agree on the wedding, and the newlyweds sign a wedding contract and read the Quran. Broom gifts his bride with jewelry and sweets. The man also has some souvenirs and desserts for the bride’s family. After signing a wedding contract at the mosque, newlyweds become legally married, but they are not allowed to live together yet. There is one more ceremony ahead which presupposes that you have to finish sewing the wedding gown, finishing all wedding preparations and furnishing the new house. After the third and final party, where hundreds of guests are invited, the husband carries his young wife home, and a new family officially starts this way.

So a Saudi Arabia wedding is a very specific and interesting event were people really have to prepare for the future marital life. But if you have a will to find a wife and have no idea who it will be, you can surely choose her on our website, ru-brides.com.

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