Ex-US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton to play a huge role in Biden’s re-election campaign in 2024

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Ex-US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton to play a huge role in Biden’s re-election campaign in 2024
Washington: Former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is taking on a major role in becoming one of the most significant surrogates for President Joe Biden’s 2024 re-election campaign with bright prospects of her playing a leading role in shoring up his voter base in the new year.

She hosted a fundraiser in Washington, D.C., at her White-Haven estate with the support of the Women’s Leadership Forum and garnered nearly one million dollars in donations for Biden’s re-election. The former President Bill Clinton even appeared during the fundraiser, According to NBC News.

Meanwhile former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has said Ron DeSantis hopes of surviving the Iowa caucus vote is slim as it’s going to be: ‘IT’LL BE ME, TRUMP AND NIKKI’:

However, Hilary’s fundraising abilities aren’t the only support she’s lending to Biden’s re-election. Clinton is also stepping up as one of Biden’s higher-profile surrogates.

Biden is facing a difficult moment in his campaign into the new year with the youth, largely between 18 and 29 largely questioning and Trump’s abilities to govern on critical issues facing the people because of their age and alleged decline in cognitive abilities and others questioning Biden on his economic policies that led to the all-time high inflation of nine per cent last year.

Some have also questioned his unwavering support to the Israel government that has caused collateral damage to hundreds and thousands of innocent civilians in Gaza.

Palestinians that voted for Biden in 2020 have vowed not to support him in 2024.

Democrats have reacted differently to Biden’s support of Israel. But Clinton has made the case for his actions on multiple occasions. Clinton reiterated in an op-ed for the Atlantic last month that “the Biden administration is correct not to seek a full cease-fire at this moment,” something a growing number of young Democratic voters have been urging, media reports said .

According to Hilary, it “would give Hamas a chance to re-arm and perpetuate the cycle of violence. Hamas would claim that it had won and it would remain a key part of Iran’s so-called axis of resistance”.

Prior to the op-ed, Clinton defended both Biden and Israel during an appearance on ABC’s The View. She endorsed his “humanitarian pauses,” while continuing to push against a full ceasefire, the Washington Examiner also reported in one of its dispatches. .

As per NBC News, these forceful defences of Biden’s position, along with her demonstrated willingness and ability to fundraise for him, are evidence of her expanding role in his re-election campaign.

In 2024, Clinton is reportedly expected to play an even bigger role, with former President Barack Obama also joining the re-election campaign to publicly support Biden, the Examiner said.

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