Expert College Says ‘No Raid, Only Visit by CID Team’

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Mangaluru: The reported ‘raid’ by state CID team on two colleges last week was being publicized in the print, visual and social media.

However, in a signed statement issued to the media, Narendra L Nayak, chairman of the Expert Educational And Charitable Foundation (R), insists that there was no CID raid on their college.

It was a visit of CID officers in continuation of their investigation with regard to PU paper leak that they collected certain information and verified the documents from the college office, the statement says.

He also says that as socially responsible citizens, they have provided the investigators with all the documents as required by them and cooperated with them.

He further says that some channels and individuals are spreading defamatory statements through Whatsapp, Facebook and electronic media, which he calls ‘shocking and disturbing’.

He recalls that over the past 29 years, Expert has been committed to providing excellent education with the help of experienced faculty.

He adds that they have lived up to their institution’s mission statement “Shramam Eva Jayate” – Hard work alone is the key to success – and have achieved merits and accolades only as a result of the hard work of dedicated teachers and committed students.

Stressing that, contrary to what was being made out, it has never been a “desperate way” to get “easy and quick success” through wrong ways. The immerse support and high regards of the large number of student and parent community towards the institution itself is an index to their sincere and honest work.

Asserting that they were not involved in the PU question paper leak case, Nayak further says that exaggerating the visit by CID officials for verification as part of their investigation as a ‘raid’ is completely baseless and unethical.

He suspects that some anti-social elements with evil aims of bringing discredit to the name of the institution are working behind the scenes. He informs that the institution has already filed a defamation complaint against this to the city commissioner of police Mangaluru.

Nayak is confident that the large student and parent community associated with this reputable institution will be fighting against this grave accusation against it.

He has expressed the hope that the CID investigation will be completed soon and the real accused will be punished. He has assured the government officials of the fullest cooperation from the institution.

He requests that, until then, no one should pass on forward wrong and untrue messages through any media without knowing the facts.

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