Exploitation of children in the name of Gandhari Vidye and blindfolded seeing through ‘third eye’

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Exploitation of children in the name of Gandhari Vidye and blindfolded seeing through ‘third eye’

The issue is that children’s rights are being violated by making them do risky activities like riding bicycles blindfolded, riding motorized two-wheelers without a valid driving licence and also teaching them lies that there is a third eye which opens when other two are closed etc. They are also advertising a course supposed to increase concentration, improves memory and performance in school etc.

A complaint has been lodged with the Karnataka State Commission for Protection of Child rights for action.


The Chairman
Karnataka State Commission for Protection of Child Rights
4th Floor, Krishi Bhawan Nrupthaunga Road,
Bangalore-560001, Karnataka

Complaint about the violation of children’s rights.

This is to bring to your notice a violation of children’s rights by using them for advertisements, publicity and making them do illegal acts like riding a motorized vehicle on a public road without a licence. I am enclosing along with this a video which is making children tell lies that there is a third eye, they can see blindfolded, the third eye can be activated etc.

The said party is one Padmanabha Bhat from Aldur near Chikkamagluru. The video makes tall claims like children can see through pulse, their brainpower and concentration improves. The claim is made that the children can see without light from the object falling on the retina etc. This is not possible as all medical science says that the visualization is possible only when light falls on the retina. I have been investigating and reporting about this fraud from nearly a decade and if you are in need will send you links to the various write-ups and videos on the net. Here is one of 2015 in Kerala https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V6dDfGqnZQM, Here are some writeups.https://www.researchgate.net/post/Mid_brain_activation_in_human_beings_Is_it_scam_or_science https://medium.com/@nakulshenoy/shutting-down-the-third-eye-c16d31907bfd These are a few links which you can check.

There are a number of organizations in Karnataka in various places doing this. I request you to kindly lodge an investigation into this exploitation of children. I have conducted various programs and workshops exposing this but gullible parents are still duped by such cheating. It is called third eye, midbrain activation, Gandhari Vidye etc.

I would suggest you summon these claimants to appear before a committee to allow this to be examined by an expert panel consisting of ophthalmologists, educationists, magicians, psychiatrists etc. I will be glad to co-operate with you in this regard. I am attaching a news report of our exposure of this done on 2nd May 2019. There are hundreds of such reports and action has been already taken by the DC of Dakshina Kannada against one such organisation at Puttur near Mangalore. A consumer case has also been lodged against the organisation by two parents of children who were subjected to such.

I am attaching a few photographs, press cuttings, links etc. I have been investigating this claim since 2011 and have conducted programs in India as well as the UK, Nepal to expose this cheating. Attached you will also find a video of this claim by some people at Aldur, Chikkamagluru district.

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